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More functions in the app!


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Hey Guys,


I've been using the geocaching app for a while now, and I have to say, it's quite neat.

but there are some functions I'm missing to cache better.

- the ability to use other maps (for example OpenStreetMap)

- the ability to 'shoot' a location (for example, 150meters to 104degrees from current location)

- the ability to navigate to custom cords...


especially the ability to navigate to custom cords is annoying since I don't have a GPS system yet, and only my trusty droid, yet I love to do mystery-caches, but I simply can't do them due to the fact I can't navigate to them.


so watcha think? :)


G33k Out,


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especially the ability to navigate to custom cords


How do I create an Additional Waypoint - Android App


I'm not very familiar with the uses of the App, so I won't address your other concerns, but you can create a waypoint and navigate to it. That screen might be accurate enough to let you create a particular bearing and distance? not sure....

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