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Screening buttons on map page

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I don't know if this has been brought up before (it's hard to search the forum with such a vague description), but it would be helpful if we could screen the displayed caches by D/T as well as by type. The search function isn't very useful, because you just get a list and have to click on each one to see where it is.


It would also be great to be able to screen the displayed caches by size, too.

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What I'm trying to avoid is having to do any searches at all. I'd like to be able to click on, say, D4 hides, then maybe switch to D3.5 if I can't find what I want near me, then maybe hop over to T3 if I want to hike a little. I want to be able to click stuff on and off as I browse, not have to do separate queries for every combination that interests me.


It would be great if I could configure everything I wanted to, change it as many times as I like, all in one window at once.

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Well, the standard map allows you to filter by types, but if you want to filter by difficulty/terrain rating, you're going to need to use a map preview of a Pocket Query, or you're going to need to view search results on the map. Once the new search system matures, it may be more integrated with the map system, but it isn't now.

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Ah, sorry. I don't always notice when I wander from the "How Do I...?" forum or the "Geocaching Topics" forum into the "Bug Reports and Feature Discussions" forums.


Right now, the new search is pretty new, and the maps aren't very well integrated with it. I would hope that as the new search matures and the maps are better integrated with it, then it would be easier to refine a search from the map, perhaps with all the new search's current "Add Filters" options in the map's side panel.

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It has been mentioned that using a Pocket Query will allow you to do what you want, albeit awkwardly. In the past hints have been dropped by some of the lackeys that the current PQ subsystem will be totally redone. We have seen steps toward that with the new search function. I suspect that what you are suggesting will become available as the developers migrate the system closer to the current (unknown to us) target.


Speaking of which, it has been a long time since we have seen a major change. Stand by...

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