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  1. I thought the point of geocaching was to find things with your GPS. If anything, HQ should expand benchmarking. They're still another GPS-based part of the game. If you can have virtuals, earthcaches, and adventure labs, then why not benchmarks? Now I personally don't find them very interesting, but when you've run out of caches to look for in your area, at least they're something. I actually got a FTF on one once.
  2. I'm being spammed by multiple user names in my message account, but the messages only come to my email inbox and don't show in the message center. I have no way to block the dozens of messages that flooded my inbox this morning.
  3. I've tried to use GSAK before, but the program is too confusing for me. Why can't they just put the KML functionality back? It seems like every time they change the website, I lose something. I can't download geotours properly anymore, and we just lost being able to download GPX files directly into the GPS. I wish they'd just leave it alone.
  4. Yes, I've tried importing GPX files, but the amplifying info is lost. With the KML, you get a link directly to the cache page.
  5. I used to download the KML files from my lists to import into google maps, but now I can't find that option. Did the website lose that functionality? I used to use it all the time for my cross-country trips, and I'm going to be annoyed if this constant website redesign has cost me yet another feature.
  6. I would like to add my new geotrail to this database. Name: Historic Glen Haven GeoTrailExample GC Code: GC37C16Primary City: Glen HavenPrimary State/Province: COCountry: USAOfficial GeoTour: NoURL: https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?code=BM4RRRPReward Type(s): GeocoinCreation Date: 4/19/2018Min Caches for Reward: 15
  7. I like the way the pictures are handled now, that is using the max width of the screen. If the pic is significantly wider than it is tall, it fits quite well. Perhaps that's all we need to know. Or you could just make it so the picture is centered and the bottom only comes down to the top quarter or third. Fill in the sides with white or transparent background. That would make narrow pictures pretty small though, but it would work well for squares.
  8. It does have an online test function, and it worked fine in my real-world Oregon and on my phone. I don't have an iPhone, so I wouldn't have seen the problem anyway. I only knew about it when my iPhone friend told me. As for Kit v2, it would be good if the picture function automatically modified the picture so it only took up the first quarter of the screen. I used a few narrow pictures, which the module displayed at full width, which in turn made narrow pictures really long and pushed the text way down. I ended up dragging the problem pics into PowerPoint, adding a wider transparent box over the top, grouping them, then saving it as an image.
  9. Ah, I suspected something like that. I should have done it manually the first time. I just did, and I've a friend who'll test it out on Sat.
  10. I had my iPhone friend retest the cartridge today, and it still had the question marks all over it. I guess I'll have to retype all the text in again.
  11. Sweet. I just did it. Thanks!
  12. Yes, I did. I wrote it out in Word first, then copied it into the text boxes. Do I need to retype all the text or just re-upload the gwz file?
  13. Oops, ran into a little glitch. One of my friends did my new Wherigo today on her iPhone and said all the punctuation had been turned into question marks. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks.
  14. Odd, because it does seem to have worked. Anyway, I finished my cartridge and tested it with both the Oregon and a phone. It worked perfectly in each and was published today. Thanks! I don't think I could have done it without Kit.
  15. I noticed you can change the size of the box with the drag option in the corner. I did that, but haven't tried it out in my Oregon yet. We'll see if that makes a difference. Thanks.
  16. I've been trying to build my very first Wherigo this week and had zero luck until I found Kit. (I tried Urwigo and was completely stumped, even after watching their tutorial.) The Q & A template was exactly what I needed to lead cachers to the more interesting sites in my town. I loaded the gwc file onto my Oregon 450 today and it worked perfectly, except for one thing. The Oregon has a little screen and the question box covers most of it. I had to scroll down to see all the multiple choice answers. Is there a way to fix that? My questions are short, so there's a lot of blank space after them. Thanks.
  17. Is there some sort of trick to downloading geotours? I didn't used to have any problems, but the last few I've downloaded (as gpx files) only show up as waypoints with a geocache symbol. No data other than the coords. This happens both on the device (an Oregon 450) and in Basecamp. Did something change? I'm a premium member.
  18. So you did talk to your adivsor and she talked to him? Now that he's starting to receive more official attention, he may stop. He clearly doesn't respect you, but an adult with some authority might get is attention. I'd ask a real policeman to talk to him next; that'll scare him, especially since he told you not to report him. He's scared of authority. You could stop a destructive behavior from escalating into a real crime. Once he gets bored with stealing caches, it's not much of a stretch to move on to smashing mailboxes or other vandalism. Maybe one day he'll thank you for this.
  19. If you have a local geocaching facebook page, you might tell them about it there and suggest they make their caches premium for a while until this person gets bored when he can't find any more caches. It doesn't sound like he'd pay $30 just to piss you off. Oh, and it's pretty clear this guy isn't your friend and probably never was. No friend ruins something his friend cares about. This will blow over faster if you ditch him and ignore any future taunts.
  20. Is it a brand new cache? Perhaps it's a FTF prize. You can always message the CO and ask about it.
  21. True. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to cache in than Colorado. We have just about everything: backcountry caches, urban hides, geotours, power trails, geoart, mountains and flatland, you name it. And we have a very active geocaching community with events, competitions, and annual geocoin editions.
  22. Wouldn't do much good if the cache onwer doesn't respond -- cache in question has been archived for going on 10 years. Putting it back in the same spot and hoping the CO gets it unarchived is not quite littering, but it's not far removed. Oh. I didn't realized it was archived.
  23. Well, if you know where it was supposed to be, you could put it back.
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