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Where to buy geocoins?

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Many geocachers make several editions and you can look on the geocoins sub-forum, but I suggest here.

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I've started collecting geocoins and was looking for suggestions of places to buy them from.


Thank you


I'm in Canada, and I love Landsharkz. http://landsharkz.ca/


I got the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Collectible Coin from them:



And the Acoustic Guitar coin:



And I've purchased from phdcoins.ca http://phdcoins.ca/index.cfm





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There are many sellers with good sales records and nice coin choices.


One thing that seems to separate some of them is the shipping cost to wherever you are.


It does not cost anything to create an 'account' with each seller. When you place items in the shopping cart, the sale is never complete until you approve the charge to whatever method of payment you use. Shipping charges are usually the last thing to appear when you checkout. If you feel the charges are excessive and it increases the cost of the coin beyond what you are willing to pay, do NOT complete the transaction. It will not cost you anything but time to empty the shopping cart and logout.


Do a lot of research on your own. Many sellers carry the same coins and the prices may vary. Even Geocaching has International partners that sell their products and they can do so at whatever price they set.


Enjoy !!

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All of my Geocoins have been taken very good care of. All of them have been stored in cut out foam to keep them falling out of the protection pages they are stored in and also been in zipped up binds from keeping them in place and not falling out. The geocoins are in like new shape from the day I received them in my hands. I am selling all of my geocoins to help pay for Hospitalization and Medical Bills that I have accumulated. I have not been in good health for a very long time and would love to see my geocoins go to someone who really enjoys collecting Geocoins as much as I have over the 10 years.


Valarie of sweetlife

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