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Screen flip on an eTrex20

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What 'clip' do you have?

Sounds like you're talking about the lanyard attachment point on the bottom, and it hangs upside down.

You could try the carabiner clip attachment accessory for your eTrex. That would put the attachment spot at the top of the device instead of the bottom.

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I'm using the carabiner clip from Garmin.

Ah. So the device is hanging right side up but when you tilt your head down to read it, it appears upside down. Yes?


I use these for my camera and GPS neck straps. You can thread the small loop through the slots on the bottom of your GPS. It will then hang upside down and when you tilt your head down to look at it, it will appear right side up. It did not seem to me that hanging upside down had a negative effect on my eTrex 30's accuracy.



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