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Hike to GCD on Aug. 16, 2015

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Like last year, we are leading a hike to one of the oldest existing caches, GCD, before driving the short distance over to the Going APE 2014 mega-event on August 17th! To accommodate the timing of WSGA's Ape event, we will start the hike very early in the morning. We'll meet up at 6AM with a hike time of 6:30AM sharp. Parking and the trail starts here:


GC1GMZN - Mt. Margaret Trail Head - N 47° 21.841 W 121° 21.475


There are more caches in the area but we are hiking as a group to GCD only. If you wish to look for other caches in the area, we will not be doing them as a group as most people will want to get over to the Ape Event.


Please come prepared to walk a minimum of four miles (roundtrip) AND a little over 1600 feet of elevation gain. Some items you may want to bring are: sturdy hiking boats, extra water, basic first aid kit, and some trail snacks.


PLEASE be aware that this hike is not meant for everybody! You will be hiking uphill for 1-2 hours straight. Know your limitations!


Also, you will need a NW Forest pass to park at the Mt. Margaret Trail Head. You can buy these passes:




Please remember that you need to allow enough time for the pass to be mailed to you.




USDA FS-Snoqualmie Pass Visitor Center
I-90, Exit 52
 Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068
Pay Station Available - Can purchase up to three NWFP Day Passes with VISA or Master Card.


We hope to see lots of people there. Last year we had about 40 people go on this hike!

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We accidentally posted the wrong year and date for the above hike.


This is for the 2015 hike prior to the Going APE Mega event on August 16th.


For some reason we are unable to edit our previous post.

Ah yes, the ole cut-and-past gotcha; I've been caught by that one more than once. And you can't edit forum posts after 24 hours; no idea why they have it set that way.

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Many years ago, there was a long time problem with raging debates where someone would change their post and take the following posts out of context and cause more "he said" "she said" "no I didn't" posts than you could shake an ugly stick at.

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