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Iphone intro app updates vs paid app NON updates

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Hi GS,


As a premium member and user of the paid geocaching app on the iphone, I noticed that the free intro app for iphone has been updated a few times in the last month. A lot of new functionality and features, which seem very usefull to me, have been added tot the FREE app.

And only to the free app, the paid app has not been updated (yet).


The free app now offers a lot more than the paid app... and this doesn't feel right.

Why did I pay for an app which offers a lot less then the free version ?

Yes, I can also use the free version, but what is then the use of offering two different app's, free and paid ?


Will the new features become available in the paid app as well, and if so, when ?


Kind regards, Nineties.

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A recent post in the iPhone app forum: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=332028&view=findpost&p=5515577 .


There is a chance that the paid app will be updated, but I see that as a fading chance only.

Many folks report that the Intro-app has better-looking map quality to begin with.

If you look at the matter from a business standpoint, it makes sense to fade out the old(er) one and replace it with the new(er) one.


(Geocaching) folks seem to forget that GS products are part of a business.

The Windows app has not been updated for an even longer time and reportedly never will be... probably because of Windows phone being on the wane.

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If you look further up the thread on G-G's link, you'll see a post that kinda hints that the intro app, because it's newer, with less tech complications to make things work, will eventually be the app.

Maybe (probably) one app, with both intro and full functions based on membership.


Switching between all three OSs, I've had paid apps get phased out from each.

The difference here is none cost me ten bucks. :)

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