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"Must Do" Caches in NJ

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Maybe before I suggest some, give us an idea of what you are looking for? Must do because of how hard they are? or the view? or just cool caches?


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I guess anything that puts it over any of the others you did. Some of the ones that maid you say, cool! or "I got to bring somebody along next time"


I guess a nice combination of view, location & hiding spot. It doesn't have to be just Central NJ, but since those are the ones closer to home I'll have more chances to do them first.


Thanks again!

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The only one I've done in central Jersey that really stood out was Melvin's Multiple Madness, but I haven't done a whole lot down there.


Up north, the Artful Dodger has quite a few excellent caches. Pick one and you're not going to be disappointed, but Giant Steps, Aay Carumba!, The Splitrock Splendor and Cauldrons of Courage all have had excellent reviews.


Stone Living Room is a good one. Nice hike, great view and the added attraction of a real living room made of stone.


GC5 was cool, if only for the sheer insanity of the bushwack necessary to get to it.


Windbeams Windfall is placed on a beautiful peak with outstanding views and the same can be said for Team Magster's Wanaque Overlook. I highly recommend both.


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Every few months someone floats this question. I'm not complaining, it's great to hear and see what people like. Check out this thread: Favorite, Toughest, Most Interesting, or try Greatest Caches of the North East and favorite caches placed


Some of our recent finds that we've talked about for a day or two are: Lake Loop, Night Vision.


Of course you can always head to the heart of the pine barrens

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Well, it looks like Magoo created his own personal list of Must Do Caches. Magoo's Memories of Merit

By my calculations, Good Ol' Magoo is the only cacher to actually hit all of those caches!

We're pretty excited for this hunt, not only because one of our caches was was elected as a part of the puzzle, but beacuse it includes others that we've wanted to hit.

So who's ready to visit Melvin's?

Thanks for the props and the awesome hide Mr. Magoo!


(BTW, if you need more GeoChips or buttons, let me know and I'll send a couple your way. Also, now that Team Tresca has finished moving, a reprint of the Cheesequake picnic stickers will be running)

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Team Ekitt10, thnx for the plug. icon_biggrin.gif


The whole idea was that these were caches that I really enjoyed and had very memorable hunts.

My purpose is 2 fold, 1) a way to thank those who hide some great caches and 2) to encourage people to visit these challenging caches. Hopefully they will also have great fun with these caching experiences.


Brian, your BOLPIII and AWITP are on my top 10 list, but there isnt an easy way to revisit there cache for a clue otherwise they'd be here too.

For those who had already bagged these caches, I didnt want them to have to hard a hard time revisiting (since they already bagged it) so I selected caches that were reasonable to revisit.


Team Ekitt10, your right, as of now, but 3 of the caches are 'relatively' new (yours,NB44 and HCs). I believe NatureBoy44 has bagged 2 (and owns 1) of these and gopman has 3 out of 5, BassoonPilot has 2 i think. The final cache isnt anything really hard (2 star hide/2.5 terrain).


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