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Ashokan High Point


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There aren't many caches in the Catskills, because the rangers there pull them. There are two virtuals (Air Crash 1 and Air Crash 2) on Kaaterskill High Peak. There is one listed near the summit of Cornell, but it hasn't been found yet and I don't know if its still there.


I camped on Ashokan last summer and marked the waypoint of the campsite. Just did a search from those coordinates and came up with the closest caches, but the link wasn't showing them for some reason. Try this map. You'll have to zoom out to see the closest caches.


Try a coordinates search from N 41° 55.150 W 074° 18.378. These coordinates were near our campsite along Knape Brook, halfway up Ashokan High Point.


I do know there is a benchmark on the top.


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I've got two that are about 20 miles southwest. GC6F77 and GC6F4C about 3 miles from one another. One a conventional cache near a covered bridge. The other start a 4 bridge virtual that lets you drive through some really pretty country in the Catskills of Sullivan County - great especially for a rainy day.


Have fun.



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