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A moment of silence for Hook Challenge


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It is with great sadness that I am removing Hook Challenge from the list of "The Leprechauns' Top 10% Greatest Cache Hunts" on our profile page (we only list active caches that others can still hunt).


Hook Challenge is one of my most memorable cache hunts. In May, after finding a bunch of caches at the Red Rock 'N Rolls event in the Scranton area, my group traveled back to Pittsburgh on Sunday but stopped in Central PA to pick off some of the better caches. This one took more out of me, energy-wise, than any other single cache. I don't know how much of that was due to all the caches that had preceded it, but it was one heck of a hike. I am fortunate to have shared the experience with Quest Master, Tonsil and SlimJim28.


Here is a link to my log entry and pictures for this cache. The log contains one of my favorite lines: the hill that fell "faster than a dress on prom night."


Thank you to the stellar group of geocachers who gave Hook Challenge a fitting final sendoff. While bittersweet, it's at least a happier ending than just another archive note.



Next time, instead of getting married, I think I'll just find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.

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I'm really sorry to see this one go. It was a great cache. It seems that wild caches like this one are rapidly becoming an endangered species as they become crowded out by bureaucratic red tape, urban micros, and suburban park and grabs. They might have been extinct already if there had not been a crackdown on the lame 1/1 virts. Cache-bagging city cachers rarely make it to caches like this one. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to try it before it went away.



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Just from the fact that its retirement has spurned a topic goes to show you how much this cache was appreciated. I had great fun with Lep, QuestMaster and SlimJim in finding this awesome cache. It took you down this insane descent, across some of the most interesting terrain, to the final cache location. On a day of challenging caches, this was one of the best! I will miss it.


I also agree with QuestMaster - we need more caches like this. I'd take 1 of these over 20 P&Gs.



Have you had your house checked for Rae Dawn Chong?

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