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GSAK/API issue


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I just reinstalled GSAK on my laptop after a fresh OS install. I want to have all of the logs of my owned caches for calculating statistics, but when I try to pull the logs, I get "A maximum of 30 Geocache logs allowed." even if it's my first attempt of the day and I'm only pulling a single log. All other API calls seem to work correctly. Since it is stating that the error came from Groundspeak API, I thought I'd start here rather than there. Any suggestions?

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Groundspeak changed the API without telling anybody. Used to be, an API call could get at least 100 logs, now suddenly it's 30. Broke all sorts of apps. I was getting error messages on the trail instead of emergency assistance (logs).


Nice way to make the independent app developers look bad. :mad:


So, max 30 logs for a single cache. I'm not sure if a subsequent API call could get 30 more logs, or the same most-recent 30. Probably just the same 30.

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