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Release Notes - May 5, 2015

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I use email to write to others, similar to letters we used to mail to each other, before the internet.

I'm sure someone remembers that...


This set-up (to me) is similar enough to IM and text that I'm simply not interested, thanks.

- To me, 2MORO and kewl aren't words. KWIM? :)


With only two lines in that little box, there's not much I can do other than keep scrolling back, to stay on subject, check for splellinng, and form a paragraph.

I'm not gonna take my ball and go home.

If some new kid has a question on mc, I'll answer it.

- But personally, I'd be less than thrilled if we lose some semblance of what I feel is a last respectful connection with others.

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[*]You now have the option to “Message this owner” from all geocache details pages.


That's a nightmare for those cache owners who do not wish to be contacted via the new message center but by e-mail.

There should at least be links for both systems. "Message this owner" is quite misleading and many cachers will now use this link instead of e-mail.


I would appreciate a way to opt out of the message system and to remove the link to the message center on my cache pages. I will not react to messages sent via this channel.


Where's the like button???

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Refusing to see it as having any value, refusing to use it even if someone contacts you that way, and especially threatening to archive Earthcaches/Virtuals if someone sends answers via the message center is petulant.


I do not think that is petulant to archive caches if one is not able to provide to continue to provide the service level one has commited oneself to.


I try to answer questions about my caches that are sent from the field as quickly as possible if I'm sitting on the PC. That works reasonable with e-mail, it does not work with the MC (as the notification e-mails do not contain the message).


Moreover if I get three messages with the answers spread out (the answers to my virtual even in the most compressed form do not fit into 1000 chars) and need to copy and paste the text of each message and then send it by e-mail to myself (in order to archive the mails ordered by cache) it gets too tiresome and time consuming for a leisure activity. I also counted how many characters typical requests for checks or requests for help for some of my caches contain: Almost all contain more than 1000 chars.


It adds many annoying steps and much more back and forth then mentioned in your post to have to use the MC in my case.

For example replying in detail to which answers/variables are correct and which are not, needs quoting.


The communcation about my caches is not a facebook chat for which 1000 chars and a text field with 2 lines is suitable.


There is a definite reason why reviewers want to be continued to be contacted by e-mail and not via the MC. Cachers like myself just want the same for the same reasons.


The MC has zero value for me. That's a fact and makes me wish to opt out. That still allows the MC as a way to contact unvalidated cachers.

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