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Hunting Seasons in PA-addressing hunting in Geocache Descriptions?


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Would like to know about hunting seasons in the state of PA. Went GeoCaching in PA recently in a rural state park and heard shots in the distance and were surprised to encountered bowhunters on the hiking trail as we were walking back from the cache site to the parking area. The hunters were friendly when we spoke to them and didn't seem annoyed we were there, but I wonder if we should not have been there even though it was a state park. We stayed on the trail all the way back. No mention was made of it being hunting season in the cache description which we would have apprediated since we are non-hunters from out of state. Do people just not hike in rural PA parks during hiking season or do they just dress in orange and stay on the trail? I guess we didn't expect to encounter official hunters in a state park-but obvious PA allows this. We don't have a problem with legitimate, safety conscious hunters as they have just as much right to pursue their interests as Geocachers and hikers do. We are also aware people do hunt even in areas where hunting is not officially allowed-but in the future we will be careful about choosing our Geocaching adventures during hunting season.

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Details about the various hunting seasons may be found here:




The main deer season is December 2 thru December 14. I believe that there is no hunting on Sundays but I cannot find where it says that. The first day of the deer season is busiest. I wouldn't even consider geocaching on that day. I think that the risk of getting shot accidentally by a hunter even on the first day of deer season is just about nil but I wouldn't even think about going out on that day because it would disturb the hunters in their activity.


New regulations also require that hunters and non-hunters in Pennsylvania State Gamelands are required to wear a minimum of 250 square inches of florescent orange from Nov. 15 through Dec. 15, except on Sundays. It would be wise to do this in other popular hunting areas such as state parks and forests during this period.



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Many State Parks in PA do allow hunting you can go to DCNR State Parks to find the particular park and check before you go. If you are afraid of being injured don't go to work, you are more likely to be injured on the job than in a hunting accident. Hunters know they must share the public property with others. your walking through the area would actually be benifical to deer hunters as deer normaly lay down during shooting hours unless something or someone disturbes them.

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I have hung up my GPS for my true passion of bowhunting for a while, but I am still lurking a little here.


Be safe, If you are going into the woods between now and January 11, please wear orange. You are not going to be shot either way, you have a better chance of your refrigerator falling over on you when you go for a glass of water. Wearing orange makes it clear you are a person in the woods and a hunter can take appropriate measures to secure their firearm LONG before you know they are there, instead of putting you in their crosshairs to see what the commotion is about.


Archery and small game is now open. "Gun" season (it is actually open weapons season, but the majority use guns) starts 2-Dec and primitive weapons season starts the day after christmas and runs until January 11. Many small game seasons run concurrent with these times. Not just game lands. Hunters hunt EVERYWHERE, it keeps the fenders on those BMW's from wrinkling icon_smile.gif


PLEASE, if you own a dog and choose to take it into Penns woods during these times, PLEASE mark it with blaze orange as well. I use an orange bandana on my dog Boomer. While YOU are easily distinguishable as a "non-game" animal, your dog can look really similar to a coyote which is a deer killer and will get shot 8 out of 10 times it is spotted. If it has orange on, there should not be a problem at all. We all need to share the woods together and discussions like these are fantastic.


Thanks. Go Eagles.

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Be advised that it is illegal to shoot a dog in PA unless it is phsycally attacking a deer. If your dog gets shot please contact the PGC and your lawyer immedietly. Extract every penny you can from the slobs that shoot dogs because it is on a path that a deer recently used.

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Though folks would find this article interesting. Monroeville is an eastern suburb of Pittsburgh and there is a healthy, growing group of caches there (10 or so). Yet another chance to meet up with law enforcement while geocaching. Behave yourselves and you'll be fine! (Trust me, I know...) Did anyone see these patrols? Well, be careful out there... and remember, deer hunting season ends this weekend!


Pa. Patrol Buffers Hunters, Homes



.c The Associated Press


MONROEVILLE, Pa. (AP) - The coexistence of suburban and rural areas outside Pittsburgh has led to the creation of a unique form of law enforcement - a squad of police officers that mediate between hunters and residents.


``It's not that strange of an idea, if you think about it,'' said Glenn Ritchie, 43, who lives in Monroeville. ``Big cities have a narcotics squad - with our forests, we have a deer squad.''


As Ritchie spoke, seven deer darted through the woods about 30 yards away.


Ten officers from Monroeville's 52-officer force serve on the squad during the two-week hunting season, wearing orange hats and vests marked ``Police.'' They make sure hunters obey a state law prohibiting them from firing guns within 150 yards of a house, and enforce other rules.


Rapid housing development, with residential streets claiming what was once prime hunting ground, has spread over the 20-square-mile municipality. Yet patches of dense woods remain, filled with hundreds of deer that lure hunters from all over the region.


``Some of the woods are pretty thick and hunters unfamiliar with the area may think they're in God's country, but there is a swimming pool attached to the house just beyond the last tree,'' said Lt. Dave Palermo, who formed the patrol.


The number of complaints to the police department over alleged hunting violations each year has diminished from 150 when the patrol was formed in 1998 to 72 last year. The two-week hunting season ends Saturday.


Jack Lucas, a conservation officer with the state Game Commission, helped train the Monroeville police officers.


``With the density of the deer population and now the human population, it was only a matter of time before something clashed. We took a very pro-active approach,'' Lucas said.



Next time, instead of getting married, I think I'll just find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.

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It says on this board deer hunting season only runs through Dec 15 but we have encountered hunters and heard shots recently (Jan 4, 2003) and were a little concerned about caching in too rural an area. I check the PA game site and noticed there are still some seasons open. I've read posting recently for a cache near Penn Hills Park where they said some hunters yelled at them for being in the area. I guess wearing bright colors through the winter months would be the best bet. Geocaching.com should create a icon or folks should try to warn us on the cache pages that an area is not "posted" or is heavily hunted. Would hate to scare off the game but getting shot would be even worst... icon_razz.gif

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I thought I might revive this 1-year-old topic as it is relevant again. Wear your blaze orange, folks!

Originally posted by Greedy Little Pigs:

Geocaching.com should create a icon or folks should try to warn us on the cache pages

There is a tool called The Selector that helps you place the right code on your page to let folks know that hunting happens in the cache area.


-- I am looking for cache recommendations for Salem, Mass. Got any?

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