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Having two "home" or "saved" locations

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The easiest way is to create a pocket query for the second location. Don't choose a day to run and don't choose run and delete. My default is uncheck after running. A party allows you to preview caches, display on a map etc. remember though that notifications are based on the cords entered when you set them not on your home location so changing your home location won't change the area for which you receive notifications.

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We used pocket queries as well. When we moved to Nebraska, we had two we ran, one called Idahome (for our Idaho home) and one called Omahome (for our Omaha home).


We kept multiple PQs like that for years when we went back and forth. We ran them as needed for where we were. We also created PQs for caches along a route for the drives between the two locations.

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