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  1. Thanks I will see if anybody else has any thoughts.
  2. We have completed the Indiana Delorme challenge and since we bought a house in Naples we thought we would work on the Florida Delorme Challenge. We purchased the 10th edition of the Delorme Atlas and noticed that there are 159 pages in this edition instead of the 126 noted in the challenge. This means that the exempted pages don't match and obviously there are more caches to find. I thought when we were doing the Indiana challenge that the Delorme GSAK macro was also available for Florida but I have been unable to find it. Is there a macro for Florida? The macro makes life so much easier. If so, what is it called? Thanks. Melissa (Moo)
  3. We have just purchased a winter home in Florida. We would like to be able to sign in and quickly pull up caches near the new house just like we do with our full time home. Is there any way to save a second location? Thanks. Moo and Wug Smith
  4. Thanks. I will try renaming the PQ's I have never had to do it before, but may need to with the new GArmin.
  5. I have used a Garmin 60c handheld for years that finally died. I bought a new Montana 600 a couple of weeks ago and have been pleased with it. Took it to Las Vegas and downloaded just one PQ into it and did just fine. Today I pulled a bunch of PQ for a road trip tomorrow and find that it appears that I can download one PQ, but when I go to download the next PQ it overwrites the first one, so I can only download one PQ at a time. I can't find any settings in GSAK that have changed and when I go look on the Garmin removable drive in the computer when attached by USB only one GPX file shows up. Any idea how to fix this or circumvent it? Thanks for the help.
  6. With your Montana connected to your computer by the USB in Mass storage Mode, in the GPX folder find the PQ file (SendtoGPS_date_&_time.GPX) and delete it. OK I just saw the GSAK part of your question -- possibly the file is called something else, but the procedure should be the same. btw, the Montana will hold 12,000 caches, so you probably don't need to clear them out to make room for more. Thanks. I will go check on mass storage files and see what I can find. I know this can hold a ton more, but I am the geek and my husband not so much so. He hasn't even had his hands on the unit yet so when he gets home tonight, I want to be able to get him up and running quickly.
  7. Thanks. I will go look in my mass storage and see what I can find.
  8. We have used a Garmin 60C for years and it finally died. We just received our Montana 600 and got it up and running. I like to use GSAK and transferred my PQ onto my Montana. On the 60C you used to be able to clear all of the caches out at once to open up space for more new caches. How do I clear out my caches in the Montana 600? The manual doesn't help. Thanks, Melissa
  9. Back in November 2010 I just glanced at my weekly Groundspeak newsletter and saw something about scavenger hunting/geocaching. I didn't get a chance to read the article and have deleted that newsletter. Does anybody know what it said, or how I can pull up an archived newsletter? It would have been the week of November 16th I think. Thanks, Moo and wug Smith
  10. We rode from Ansonia to Waterville about 45 miles. We used Pine Creek Outfitters to shuttle our car from their shop in Ansonia to Waterville. It was there waiting for us when we arrived. Few caches on the northern portion, but after riding about 30 miles we started picking up caches along the route. We saw a Bald Eagle roosting in the trees, several deer families in the water, turtles and a garter snake but no rattlesnakes that they warn you about every few miles. I grew up in Oklahoma and have a healthy respect for water moccasins and rattle snakes!!!! We rode on a Friday and the trail was virtually empty. If we had gone on the weekend we guess it would be crowded. Very well maintained, but it needs garbage cans and more maps along the trail so you know where you are. The little towns you pass through are nothing but 10 or 20 houses. There is no food, but a few ice cream shops. We had never heard of this place either, but it is a beautiful rail trail.
  11. I need some help from the Pennsylvania group. We are riding the Pine Creek Rail Trail next week. If you go to the Rail Trail site, they have geocaching routes that pull up along several of their trails but not this one. If you try to make a route from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore on geocaching.com you don't follow the rail trail. Since the Trail is in the middle of nowhere, the google geocaching map doesn't pull the trail up. Has anyone made a route of this trail or any suggestions for pocket queries along this route? Thanks in advance Moo of Moo and Wug Smith
  12. They are not on my server (Comcast) as I purge that location about every other day. They are buired in a temp document file that every time I copy/paste that file in the search file blank it never seems to find them yet that is where the gpx file is supposedly located. I know it is in my computer somewhere!
  13. Even though I have purged my page and my mail of my queries, everytime I download a new one to GSAK I download zillion lold ones with the new. I have done a "search files and folders" on my computer and can't find them hiding. How do I get rid of all of the old queries so I only load my new query? Thanks
  14. E-mail has been sent for one LE if available, if not then one of the other coins. Thanks- Will be a great Valentine's gift!
  15. Put me down for one black nickel. This is for Snuggles that died at 23 last year, Garfield the asthmatic that died at 9 this fall, George that died 9 years ago, Brownie that we took in for about 6 months and our two very alive kitties, Mudpie and Moonshine that are 9. Obviously this is th coin for us.! Melissa
  16. Where in Indiana did you find the ammo cans. I went to what used to be a good surplus store at 71st and Michigan in Indianapolis the other day, but they are now carrying dolls, etc more flea market. Haven't had a chance to get to the other stores in town. Thanks from another IN cacher.
  17. We have been geocaching for nine months. When we started we had 3 cats, and a bird. We now have 2 cats and a bird. Hope this gives you data for your project. Good luck with your project. My son went to State with his 5th grade project several years ago. Maybe you will get there too.
  18. I have had a 60C for 10 months now. I basically use it for geocaching and have had no need for extra map software. I just bought my son the same unit for Christmas and I am looking for map software for him to use in Europe next summer as a college student. I looked at what Garmin has available and unfortunately it doesn't cover where he will be most of the time. He will be traveling mostly in Eastern Europe-Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Czech (Prague is in the Garmin recommended software). IS there an eastern European mapping software that works with the 60C? Any other thooughts? Thanks, Melissa editted for spelling
  19. I have spent the last couple of days reading old posts and want to show my husband a picture of signature items that I ran across. It was a earth marble and a minature passport---very well done. I can't find it and can't pull it up in "search". Any idea which forum I saw it in? I think it was an off shoot of a geocoin discussion. Is there a thread for just signature items? Thanks edit for spelling
  20. We might be interested. Which part of Southern Ohio and month?
  21. Does this mean I will keep seeking thesame cache over and over and .....!? Ordered 1. Thanks Moo and Wug Smith
  22. I'll take one. Please add me to your list. Moo and Wugs Smith
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