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  1. There is a GIFF Event in Spokane tonight if you want to stop by. It starts at 7 pm. It would be fun to meet you in person and hear some of those stories.
  2. This is fun to read. Thanks for sharing your adventures and reminding us of some of our own along much of your route.
  3. That must be a SOUTHERN Idaho thing. (I'm just kidding.) We're still waiting on the daughter to get hers on a plate, but Fairy Ballerina Penguins of DOOM!! is a tough fit.
  4. Well, I am bummed to see it go. Thanks for keeping it alive for so long.
  5. I'll confirm and second that one for Idaho. We're a bit different out here.
  6. My thoughts, and I am sure there are others with more ideas as well. To those that have done the cache as it stood in the past, they have the memory and the original logs. I personally think it was a cool idea. I did two caches in Delaware in May at or near sunrise and it was spectacular to be there at that time of day. Going at that time was not a requirement of either cache. However, if the COs were to change the requirements now, to somehow make them simpler, it wouldn't harm me at all. The caches I did are still the ones in my mind, and the ones that my photos and logs cannot be taken away if the requirements do change. I alone experienced the coolness of the way I did them. Rarely do I ever look back at my old finds to see how others did them; I know I did them the way they were required to be done when I found it. I can't tell you how to set your requirements on your caches, however, archiving such a cool and rare cache type seems sad to me because a few folks wanted to argue about their photo. I would love to have the opportunity to visit your cache with the sunrise requirements some day. We plan to vacation there next Spring Break. I used to live years ago in Orlando (NNPS Class 8502), and visited the Melbourne area many times. Please don't let a few folks who want to whine to the smiley police about something so relatively minor ruin it for the rest of us, nor let them ruin your fun and sharing of photos from other cachers. Archive or not though, I'm still going to the beach at sunrise. I hope to add your cache if it's still active. I appreciate your efforts to keep this alive for over a decade. Mr. CdAGeogeeks
  7. Gosh, going all that way up to Maine and not working on the Gulf of Maine Geotour? It's a cool setup (we qualified in a day) that counts caches in the US and Canada, from Massachusetts to New Brunswick. I think we only had to do a half a dozen caches to qualify, and they sent us a really cool Geocoin as a souvenir of our trip. http://www.gulfofmaine.org/2/geocache/participate/
  8. We've made several trips through Yellowstone, some of them before caching. Our one suggestion - see what you want to see and don't turn it into seeing how many caches you can get. Enjoy each for its own individuality. If you try to get them all, you'll burn yourself out and regret turning the great park into a numbers-fest. Besides, if you did them all this trip, what would you have to do the next time through? I would recommend jaunting on south through Teton National Park and hitting Jackson, WY if you get the chance as well.
  9. Jester, it's been fun reading and following someone who chose to go on some of the same paths that we have. Thanks for sharing your adventures!
  10. We used pocket queries as well. When we moved to Nebraska, we had two we ran, one called Idahome (for our Idaho home) and one called Omahome (for our Omaha home). We kept multiple PQs like that for years when we went back and forth. We ran them as needed for where we were. We also created PQs for caches along a route for the drives between the two locations.
  11. When the move from your old home to your new one includes a 2300 mile detour so you can finish the DeLorme Challenge for your old state. OR When the move back to your old state includes a 1600 mile detour to finish the DeLorme map for your once new, now old state. Yep, Idaho and Nebraska. Love you both!!
  12. We've been to that theater! It's not as cool as The Spud over near Driggs, Idaho but still cool to have around none the less!
  13. We did it at lunch yesterday. Cool place with a nice variety of things.
  14. I lifted a skirt once and the screech was followed by a slap. Always ask first.
  15. Just a note on GC17 - It has the greatest man-made bench in the history of mankind ever once you get there. You have to go there to understand it.
  16. Was the puppy delicious? Some people think they are entitled to a find just by being in the area.
  17. There's numbers in there? Note to self: Stay away from New York.
  18. You have won the interwebs for the day. Congratulations!
  19. Welcome to caching in Spokane! You should come to an event and meet some of the locals if you haven't done so already! There are several cachers in the area who enjoy sharing different experiences.
  20. We need a 12 Monkeys scenario to go back in time and kill it.
  21. *cough* Wrong thread *cough* Oh my, you are so right. (In best Gilda Radner voice:) Nevermind.
  22. We would like to withdraw our guess from your contest. We stated in a previous thread that your finds don't matter to us, and ours shouldn't to you. By participating in this contest, it places a value on your finds to us and we find that in direct conflict with our previous statement. We don't care about anyone's find count but our own. Best of luck on your trip and we hope you have fun.
  23. I don't want to die for a cache. That's goal #1 with our family.
  24. Well, we hope you have a safe trip. There are a lot of caches for you to find along the way and we hope you have fun. We'll guess 11,504. Lots of opportunities along the way for cache finds.
  25. I think you are getting too caught up in a game with meaningless numbers. I'm going to take a walk.
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