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Just a brief note on the subject of variety when creating caches. One of the advantages in planning a series of caches is the environment in which the cache owner takes you making the walk enjoyable as well as making the effort involved appear less arduous. Add to that the variety of caches created such as a hollowed out log, a magnetised bolt, or a synthetic rock....etc, as opposed to bog-standard containerised caches, you then have a more enhanced experience testing not only navigational skills but keen observation.


I've just completed a series entitled "Farms" created by Ottaway's123, in West Sussex, UK. The CO in this case employed all of the above providing a very pleasant walk but not one guaranteed to easily pick up all the caches in the series. He/she is to be commended for their ingenuity, and hard work! TFTCs, snake0073.

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Good to hear an endorsement. I too like variety (I'm sure we all must find it a little more stimulating to see different types of caches around) and remember noticing that the caches by Trottie True in East Lothian almost all differ from each other. Another one for great variety is OnHisBike, although as he moved from Edinburgh to Ayrshire, many of his have been adopted out (there's a great set around Harlaw Reservoir, for instance).


I suppose when you discover caches like these, you particularly look forward to finding any more set by the same CO. That's how it is for me, anyway.



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I'd love to experience a bit more variety. I'm in a French city right now and my God, you wouldn't believe the number of nanos dotted around. Sometimes even for a very tricky mystery cache! Understandable, given the setting, but I can't wait to get back to the UK and do a bit of rural caching.

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Mr AB makes some of my cache containers. When out caching if I see something that may work as a container I will pick it up and bring it home. He isn't a cacher but I drag him out with me :lol: he does come in handy at times. He enjoys making the containers for me.


I know. When setting a multi cache, at the final location, there was a badge for a german marque of car which could be a good cache. But even better still, I took my break the other day in a layby up the hill from The John Buchan Trail - Mr Standfast near Biggar when I saw this strange thing that had been dumped there. I'm trying not to give too much away but it was concrete and has a biscuit named after it.


Homemade containers are definitely best. And they do earn the FPs too. 15 on one on my caches made from a piece of scrap wood, a hook and a bison.

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