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Grand Re-Hiding of Will o' the Wisp!


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Originally posted by enfanta:

I'll be at the starting point shortly after dark: anyone who completes the cache that night will get a special goodie bag!

That's cool:

trick or treating in conjunction with caching!

Have a great time, everyone.


-- Do you think lobsters look good on telephones?

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It was a super Halloween evening at the Will o' the Wisp cache. Spooky stories, strongly patchouli scented artsy folk, wild animals, and rabid cachers running through the wood made for an eclectic mix. Enfanta's caches are events by themselves but she made the grand re-opening even more special by being there and gifting finders with treat bags as we returned to our cars.


The night hunt was unique & exciting. The find was exquisite! I highly recommend this cache. We missed you IV, don't hold back.



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Thank you guys for rededicating the cache with me!! I had a great time-- it was a cool crew! AND we had 2 Old Snakes greet us when we came back, that was great.


Ce'Nedra asked me why the cache hadn't been logged yet at 1 am. My guess is none of us were home yet!


Thanks again: that was the best Halloween I've had in a long time!





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