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Geochaching in Shediac

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I was wondering if someone could help me that lives around Shediac New-Brunswick to start Geochaching because I would really like to start.




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I am moving this question of regional/local interest from the Geocaching Topics forum to the Canada forum.

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One way to find other cachers is to attend events in your area. Also, click on a cache that is close to you and perhaps contact the cache owner by email to see if he/she would be interested in helping you get started. Make sure the cache owner has a number of caches found though (perhaps more than 100). You can check that by looking at the owner's statistics.

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We would love to help you. If you need us you can contact us or Belladan.




However, Ma and I are leaving on a geocaching trip in a few days till the end of March


There is a very active geocaching community in the area


Moncton area cachers have a monthly breakfast at Moosers in Dieppeon thelast Sunday of the month




There is a pi day event at Homestead in Riverview on the 14th of march




This is a good time to get involved as the third maritime Mega event will be this summer in Moncton




The Moncton area is a great place to cache with tons of series for hikers and bikers, and those who love park and grabs on country roads all over the area.

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