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  1. Great idea. Thanks for organizing this.
  2. One way to find other cachers is to attend events in your area. Also, click on a cache that is close to you and perhaps contact the cache owner by email to see if he/she would be interested in helping you get started. Make sure the cache owner has a number of caches found though (perhaps more than 100). You can check that by looking at the owner's statistics.
  3. There is a challenge cache near my home that you have to qualify for by having found 5 caches, totaling 23.5 points in difficult (at least). I have just realized that I do qualify for the cache, but I have no idea which caches I found that made me qualify. Is there a way to find this easily? I really don't want to go through all my finds searching for these caches.
  4. I didn't receive any emails, MMaru. I think it is too late now.
  5. We could do this. MMaru could take Joe the Mailman, Joe could take Toho NL, Toho could take gumbys4eva, gumbys could take Capt Biggins, and Capt could take MMaru. What do you think? Email me.
  6. So, I finally got around to sending off my trackable (TB5NN6W - "Toronto to Arizona")that I received from last year's Christmas exchange. Azgeobugs had sent me (among other things) an Arizona license plate TB. I attached it to a Toronto key chain (where I live) and gave it a mission of getting back to azgeobugs. Gave it to someone at an event who was headed to Vegas. He did more than that, and actually made it to the TB Hotel that it was aiming for. From start to finish in less than a month. Azgeobugs now has the TB. We'll give it a new mission soon. I'd like to do this exchange again. Anyone interested?
  7. You could also post a note on the cache page asking if your TB is still in the cache. I've done this and someone usually responds right away. At least you will know whether or not it is there.
  8. http://project-gc.com/Profile/ProfileStats?profile_name=Gumbys4eva&getprofile=Get+profile It says your centroid is at N43° 59.195 W80° 15.095 which is northwest of Orangeville. The nearest cache to that is Kinda' Lonely Road Have fun -- it's a neat challenge! OMG! How did you do this! Thanks so much. Now I've got to head for Orangeville!
  9. Ok, so I don't know how to use GSAK, or anything else for that matter, and have no idea how to figure out a centroid in the first place. Therefore, where do I start with this? There is a challenge cache close to my home.
  10. Mine didn't need to go too far and it was about 300 km from its destination. Then it got picked up last week and headed east about 1400 km. Now, I don't think it will ever get there!!!
  11. My racer got picked up today!!!
  12. Mine is still sitting in the cache it was dropped off in almost four months ago!
  13. It has been such a cold and snowy winter that my TB is still sitting in the cache I dropped it in on December 30th. My partner's TB was picked up a couple of weeks ago, but not headed in quite the right direction. Could be a long race for us!
  14. I believe QueenBeeVA47 is related to the partner I had, Searchline. I sent my package off just after getting his name, back in November. He never posted that he received the package, so I contacted him directly and he responded that it had arrived. The same probably happened with QueenBee. Try contacting Mystic Cacher who organized all this and see who had you. Neither Searchline nor QueenBee posted that they had sent their packages. Many others didn't post either.
  15. Not quite a year, but a TB of mine that was dropped and quickly picked up in New Zealand (by a new cacher) in February of 2013, never to be heard from again, was recently grabbed about 10 km from the cache where it was last picked up. I am happy to report that this well-seasoned cacher is taking my TB on a nice visit around New Zealand, showing it the sights! I had given up hope, but all is good!
  16. I had Searchline and I emailed him in December to ask if he had received my package and he had. He just never posted it here.
  17. Yippee! I got it! A little large but it is posted nonetheless! Thanks to Toho_NL for the walk through and especially to azgeobugs for the wonderful postcards, Christmas card, and trackables.
  18. Well, that didn't work! For some reason, I couldn't copy the IMG link so I typed it all in. Now what? Two more days until my daughter gets home.
  19. Um, huh? I'm sorry, I have no idea what that means, Toho NL. I have the photo on my IPhone and on my computer. If you could talk me through the whole process, I might be able to do it. I really have no idea how to upload the photo anywhere else. I can post it on geocaching.com in a log as I know how to do that (sometimes!) Any help is greatly appreciated. Otherwise I'll probably have to wait until one of my children comes home for the Christmas holidays.
  20. "It's here! It's here!" I sing as I come skipping inside from the mailbox! A lovely surprise on a cold snowy day! Thank you, azgeobugs from Arizona for your cute card, lots of postcards (they do still make them!) and the two Arizona TB's! I'll figure out how to post a photo here to show everyone! Am wondering what happened to the package that I mailed almost four weeks ago to Virginia. Hope it got there. 1. Participating Date: October 4, 2013 2. Received Name Date: November 14, 2013 3. Mission Complete Date: November 18, 2013 4. Mission Received Date: December 13, 2013
  21. Every day I go to the mailbox. Every day I'm disappointed. From the postings, it looks like only a third of the participants have received their packages. Most, but certainly not all, have sent their packages, however. Could it be that receivers who haven't sent theirs feel guilty? And some on the list haven't even acknowledged receiving their partner's address. One of those people probably has me. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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