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Search filters not filtering

Bon Echo

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When I search for waymarks in the Canadian Benchmarks category, and select to exclude waymarks I've visited and exclude my waymarks, the results contain BOTH waymarks that I've created AND waymarks that I've visited, plus ones that I haven't visited and didn't create. In other words, those filters no longer filter.

Using Chrome on Windows 7; also tried it in Chrome on an Android phone, with the same results.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I know, it really is not that big of a deal. I was hoping to create a GPX-lite file of all nearby benchmarks to load into my GPSr, obviously I don't want ones I've been to before.

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You are right. These filters do work if you apply them to a location based (nearest) search over all categories, or in a given category without location, but not both.


There are two workarounds:

Temporarily ignore all departments except the one your category is in, and then all other categories inside this department. Don't forget to clear your ignore list after you have dowloaded the files.

The second option is to download all your unvisited waymarks in the area and then filter it in another tool (e.g. GSAK) for your wish category.

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Thanks fi67. has it always been that way? I see no reason why it should not be able to work with a location based search. I can apply filters when using a location based search at geocaching.com, why not here as well?

I appreciate your workaround suggestions. For me, that sounds like more work that it's worth. I guess I'll stick to my traditional way of Waymarking - keep your eyes open when your out and about and see what you find. gather some photos and details and later look to see if it's already waymark - if yes, visited it, if no, add it. Obviously I miss a lot that way, I'm okay with that. There's only so many hours in a day anyways and my wife thinks I give this hobby too much time as it is.

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