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Columbus, GA, USA: RiverWalk GeoTour

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Mrs. Rock Chalk and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014 in Columbus, GA, attempting to complete all 31 caches in this official GeoTour along the 15-mile Chattahoochee RiverWalk. If you complete 10 caches, you're eligible for a bronze coin. 20 caches gets you a silver. And 30 caches is good for gold. (Coins are non-trackable, but very cool.)


Unfortunately, we came up one cache shy of a gold coin. One of the caches is a T-5 on a small island that requires either a boat or waders most of the year. We visited the area 6 times during our visit and the water was never low enough for an attempt. And one of the other caches was missing during our stay. But we got the 29 others, and had a lot of fun doing it. Many of the hides are standard, but a few are tricky and especially creative.

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It's exciting to see that the RiverWalk GeoTour is more popular than ever. We see it every day, especially weekends when there's an obvious spike in caching activity. Folks tell us the the playing cards and coins are really special. And it's hard to tell which is more coveted - we suspect it all is - as it gives a special sense of reward to those who are daring enough to take this challenge.


We challenge every cacher to take on the RiverWalk GeoTour - if it's a question of it's too late to grab the goodies, no way; there's enough for everyone.


p.s. while you're caching the RiverWalk, don't be surprised if you don't encounter rafters. Yep! The GeoTour is connected to the longest urban whitewater course in the World. Happy caching.

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If you visit the Columbus GeoTour, read the logs VERY carefully! I traveled there and encountered several locations with homeless camps (or at least sleep spots). Be aware that the D/T are a little low. Also the Visitor's Center has changed it's hours (closes at 1:00 on Saturday), but have not updated the info on any of the caches. While this does not sound like much, since you must claim your coins in person- it means we did not get ours. We encountered a good bit of work in the area, and had REAL issues finding parking (no suggested parking cords were given). Several of the caches were missing or needing maintenance while we were there as well (one had been just a lid for four months- another had people complaining due to a homeless person throwing items at them).


 I enjoyed my visit to Columbus and found some wonderful caches and locations. Unfortunately my one disappointment was the GeoTour itself.

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Sorry that your experience was less than enjoyable. That's certainly not our intention. We are addressing the issues to make the GeoTour what it was intended to be. In the meantime, if you have a grid sheet that needs to be processed to claim your loot, please send it to my attention: Peter Bowden, Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau, P.o. box 2768, Columbus, GA 31902. NOTE: Make a copy for your records for safe keeping. Again, our apologies. The feedback is helpful.

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