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Topo Maps for PC


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Well Nat Geos TOPO program has finally stopped. I cant load it onto my new laptop which runs Windows 8.

I need a topo program that allows me to enter waypoints and routes manually. I track wildland fires and have no access to govt. sites that do this. Primarily interested in Arizona and the western US. I also like to layout my needed geocaches for a given area and despise what geocaching.com offers. Can anybody refer me to a product that can meet my needs?


Thank You for any help.

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whether or not it works for you I have Delorme Topo USA that I use with my Delorme GPS. It is pretty good for most of what I need. Does routes and shows caches from GPX files.


For a free program... I used to use USA Photo Map (not sure if posting external links is ok but google JDMCOX Software). It allows the use of a GPS to track your positions and such if wanted like the deloreme software. I used it when I wondered through the NJ Pine Barrens. It did topo and satellite photos that were downloaded to the program as needed. It used to be able to load GPX files to show caches but I am not sure about routes. I never used it for that purpose and have not used it in a few years.

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Last year I upgraded my laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1 and restaged all my software applications. I was able to load National Geographic's TOPO. I had to mark the application in some compatibility mode to get it to load. Sorry, I don't remember the details, but it can be done. This link may help: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-windows_install/compatibility-issue-of-national-geographic/dfc96dd3-ae35-47e5-a412-f0de1e4607db

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