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BLM in Nevada


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I have recently discovered that many many caches in Southern Nevada have been archived "at the request of the local BLM" (per cache page) office. I live in South Carolina, and visit the Las Vegas valley as much as I can...about every other year. Planning a trip this year actually. I love the challenge of climbing the mountains on BLM land and finding a cache as much as possible. I accidentally deleted my entire watch list one late night several weeks ago, but I remember the cache locations. Many nameless peaks outside of red rock have been archived....anyway the ones I have found in Red Rock Canyon on Turtle Head Peak are gone as well. There was 5 that I found and several I didn't and all gone. Now there is still a lot of caches in Red Rock State Park, but NONE on any of the surrounding mountains. Some have been there for almost a decade. Le Madra Cache (not sure of exact cache name sorry its gone and not on my watch list anymore)


Not trying to rant or ramble which I am failing at...but does anyone have any reasoning? The BLM page promotes geocaching...What I find ironic is that in the same month these caches were archived the Nevada BLM created a profile name and has 4 caches hidden.


Just really disappointed...and concerned


Cache examples

Cache Example

BLM User Profile

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