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Can I broadcast my GPS's location?


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I'm currently using a Magellan eXplorist GC for caching, which works great! I am curious, however, is there a way to get the eXplorist model to broadcast your location to the internet, data packet somewhere else? In the scenario I get stranded, wanted to be sure there wasn't a last resort I could use my Magellan for?





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He is asking for emergency use. If there was cell coverage, you can simply call for help.....

And there's more than one way to call for help. inReach is a premium device (at a higher cost) being usable for two-way communication and tracking. SPOT is a little less expensive and only one-way. And if all you are REALLY want is to be able to call for help, there are a lot of other options. REI sells them and discusses options here:



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I use Inreach... and chose the plan that allows me to suspend my subscription when I don't go out by myself as much, like during winter. I researched SPOT and other "tracking" devices and decided that for my use the Inreach was the best way to go.


With other devices you may not be able to tell your rescuers what the situation is, so they may not bring the right equipment to help you. The joke my daughter and I have is "Help! Got two flat tires and out of beer. BRING BEER!!" :lol:


A friend took his Inreach to the top of Everest.... Yeah, way cool to be able to track him.

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