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Not receiving trackable emails for trackables I own

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I thought all of my trackables were just lost or sitting for a long time. Today I decided to go look at my trackables for the first time in probably over a year, and some of them have moved and been picked up, etc. fairly recently. I haven't received any emails for ANY of my own coin/trackable activity. I checked my spam folder to make sure it wasn't getting stuck there, and there is nothing relating to trackables in my spam for the day the most recent trackable was logged (August 29th). Has this ever happened to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to get the emails again?

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Hooray for mileage! I actually think Keystone is correct and Bear and Ragged are correct. It's been so long since I've messed with travel bugs that I'd forgotten that "dipping" did not create an email. I went back and the last time one was "picked up" or "dropped off" was in 2013. Now I feel dumb. And annoyed that people are wandering around with my trackables for 2 years without dropping them or anything! :P Oh well. Thanks all!

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