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  1. I'm going to be having a Zoom party for my geocaching friends. We'll be playing the jackbox game "Quiplash" and I'm setting up custom geocaching prompts. I'd love any suggestions you all have! Here are some examples to get things going: The worst name for your new geocache. When an officer asks you what you're doing while caching, you say: I was geocaching when I found _________ in the woods. Your turn!
  2. I have seen lots of caches where UV lights were necessary. It is a tool in my bag. UV flashlights are not that expensive. This is not the point of this post, but I love people who do interesting things for caches and love that the OP cares enough to make something quality and would hate if they were discouraged by naysayers.
  3. *Update: I chose to NOT geocache until I succeeded in receiving my adrenaline junkie award by doing adrenaline junkie things. I pulled off the souvenir with 2 caches, the second of which is one of the more terrifying moments of geocaching I've had. I saw some of the 5/5s that were challenges, one that was a liar's cache, and some that were clearly overrated, but I picked the caches that I hoped would push my to my limits and make me feel like I earned the souvenir. I think the D on the cache may have been overrated, and the T MIGHT have been more of a 4.5 (we didn't use any equipment, though it probably would have been safer if we had!), but I had an amazing experience that I wouldn't have had (well, at least not yesterday!) without this promotion, so it worked excellently for me! https://coord.info/GC3JRKV If you are interested in reading about my grand finale.
  4. I'm personally searching for 2 5/5 caches with 10 FP or more to get into the spirit of the month's goal. It's actually kind of tough for me to find 5/5's since I've done all of them around my home, so it looks like I'll be driving a couple of hours to grab a couple. For me, that's something I wouldn't have done without this promotion - so it worked on me.
  5. 1) My whole story is in one of the GPS books, but short version, my wife and I went after a cache after dark. We were approached by a guy saying he needed money to fill up his gas tanks of his trucks. We said we'd go get him some gas because we didn't have cash. He tried to get us over to his 2 trucks to prove to us his gauges were on E. We finally left and found the closest police station. When we told them what had happened, they jumped up and ran out the door. Turned out there had been a recent rash of robberies where people were lured to trucks, knocked out, robbed, and then released later. 2) My 12-13 year old daughter was climbing a tree. She decided not to use ropes because it was such an "easy" climb. She fell 15 feet and landed on the back of her neck. She crushed 1 vertebrae and fractured 3 others. She had to lie motionless in the hospital for a week while they decided how they were going to repair it. She had to get a halo and did recover a number of months later.
  6. Once I was walking along a trail looking for a cool tree to climb and place a cache. There was a gap where one cache's 528 radius ended and another began, so I went there to find a good spot. Found an awesome tree, climbed it, and was looking for a place to hang a bison tube when I noticed a container already hanging. Sure enough, someone else had the same idea and had hidden it a few days prior! I ABSOLUTELY claimed the FTF once it published.
  7. Thanks all for your feedback, and thanks for the suggestions! Thanks for letting me know about the archived cache - I'm going to mark it off here in the near future. I'm not getting this information dynamically, so yeah, some of the caches that get archived are going to be on there, sadly, until I get notified somehow. I found Sleepy Hollow - so I'm sad to see that one go - that's a super cool oldie! I'm happy making information available to folks that they will find useful. So while I'm happy to make a website and show off caches, if no one else likes it, I am much less happy. So I appreciate the negative, positive, and neutral comments. Hopefully with all of this I'm going to make some improvements and even add some new features that I've really enjoyed (that some of you suggested!) Registration is going to change for sure soon - I think I'm going to take that a different direction than I originally did. Sorry you didn't win the car, hallycat, someone else did who registered JUST before you did!!! I can see how "the world" is misleading. I did put in the about us that currently the site is VERY America-centric - not because America is better than everyone else, just because it's where I live. It took me weeks of work to get the 50 oldest in each state, I can only imagine what trying to do every country would be like!!! It'd be super cool if there were a way for me to have API access to the geocaching website... then some of these suggestions would be way easier and more up-to-date. Maybe someday that'll be a possibility. Until then I can't say enough about how thankful I am for Project-GC.
  8. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing this out. Give it a shot now (may need to clear cache, but someone with a javascript blocker would know that!)
  9. Thanks a ton for looking it over again! Is there any way I could make it less about, "look what I did" and make it feel more like what I want it to be? Or is it just the fact that the concept feels like a "look what I did" no matter how I approach it?
  10. No - there's just a place where people who sign up for the site can list their favorites. These are not included on the map, but are a chance for people to share what they think is epic. The Epic caches are chosen by us - as of right now, they are caches we've done that fit the somewhat intangible requirements we created to be "epic".
  11. Everything is published the same. If it's a single cache that is "epic" by our standards, it is listed as an Epic cache. An epic event is published because it's an event. Puzzle is also self-explanatory. Experience is meant to be something that has a large group or series that when taken all together is an amazing experience. I hope that helps clarify.
  12. Oh - that's the only way they are filtered - by Events, Puzzles, Experiences, or Epic. What other filters are you suggesting?
  13. I believe that as a rule you should not log an event remotely, but I believe there are exceptions to the rule. We have a monthly event around here that I had only missed once in 4 years. I was planning to go (as usual) but ended up in the hospital. I was really upset, and the group decided to allow me to call in, participate in the activity, and log that I had "attended" the event. I was on the phone for an hour, and it really was uplifting for me as I was really bummed I missed it. Like I said, I don't think this is how it should normally happen. You'll notice I said I missed one over the course of 4 years - it's because I was doing something else that day, and I didn't call that one in. Never even crossed my mind.
  14. I hate when my teenage daughter says, "Whatever", when she's really saying, "Screw you." I believe people can say whatever they'd like and the words in context can be acceptable or annoying. See? I just used whatever in what I think is a reasonable way. Same with Epic. On one hand I meant it to be using the term "epic" as it was intended - heroic, majestic, spectacular - while on the other hand I completely agree that the term has been overused and may be misunderstood and my site dismissed before people even give it a chance. I hope, though, that people who give the site a shot will recognize it as it was meant, and not as a, "Dude! This cache hidden in a lamppost is EPIC!"
  15. The purpose of the site is not to share my adventures or anyone's adventures. I just wanted to help people know where they can find some of the best adventures. I agree, old does not guarantee a good adventure because some of the oldies are poorly maintained, but the old ones always interested me - they're from the beginning of geocaching... what geocaching was (sort of) like when it first started. My only issue with your statement, which you graciously are allowing me to respond to, was that you considered the site another, "look at what I did!" site. My GOAL was for the site to be more of a, "look what you could do!" and a, "look what this cacher created!" The goal is to give just enough information to help you determine if it's something you'd agree is worth checking out. I built the site because I always wanted to know where the "epic" caches are - where I'd like to plan a trip because the cache is worth it. So I built the site to give others what I've always wanted. I'm hoping others will let me know other caches that I "can't miss" eventually, but for now, I can only offer what I've experienced.
  16. It should filter that way - if the box is unchecked, it doesn't show those caches. If that's not the case for you, could you tell me what browser you are using? And you were correct - I updated the site and fixed it so the filters close. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!
  17. Thank you for looking it over! As far as the date, the site went through and picked out the caches based on GC code - so "age" is determined by GC, not by the date listed at the top. People can change the date something is hidden, so I had them ordered by when they were added to the geocaching.com. You'll notice that the oldest log is May 12, 2001. I had to choose either GC code or date, and I figured the GC code would prompt more investigation and conversation (one of the goals of the site). I completely agree with you as far as the default setting for old caches. Unfortunately, the company that built the map functionality did not make the default setting programmable per map - it's a sitewide default. Unfortunately, layer ID makes almost no sense when put in context with the epic maps, super maps, etc.
  18. I don't mind so much. I get his arguments. I'm not sure where else you find the 50 oldest caches in each state (2500 caches listed), how Youtube is involved, or even spoiling caches. My goal is to GET people to do these caches because they are "Epic", but I guess reading about awesome caches to enjoy could be considered "spectator". I also understand the point about community maintained, but I personally have really enjoyed doing the old ones in Ohio. Maybe we're just lucky in this state. Like I said, I prepped for potential criticism... I just wish it were more specific about my site and less about "sites like this in general".
  19. The goal was/is to create a place where you can find the awesome caches from far away. It was inspired by some geocaching events where we sit and bring up "local favorites" - where people are talking and say, "You HAVE to do this cache!" Favorite points could bring up some of those, but caches that are truly what I call "Epic" often don't have that many finders (because they're so difficult), so I wanted to highlight those. I also want to point out caches and areas that really DO live up to the hype, and draw attention to places you might not have noticed otherwise. I was also hoping it would allow others to point out caches I've never seen or heard of - I obviously haven't been everywhere. That's why I created the area where people could log in and share their "Epic" cache stories. I also, as cerberus1 pointed out, really wanted a quick and easy way to find the oldies. I have fun finding those when I do vacations, so I wanted a "one stop shop" for those, too.
  20. Absolutely a blog. Just highlighting geocaches on geocaching.com. I got approval from Groundspeak before diving in too deeply.
  21. I built a geocaching website a while ago. I've been tweaking and hopefully improving it over the past few years and have enjoyed doing it, but I reached a bit of an impasse inside my own head, so I'm looking for feedback from the community. This scares me a little, as I know how people can be on the forum, but I haven't touched my site in quite a few months and I'm hoping discussion will inspire me or help me past this mental block. I'm interested in how useable the website is, how helpful, how much you like it, anything. Feel free to be negative, too - I've prepared myself for whatever gets posted. I understand the whole, "If you like doing it, don't worry what anyone else says about it." My issue with this statement is, I like doing stuff that people enjoy, so what people say affects my enjoyment - so I'm hoping this will help me make the site more enjoyable for others so I can enjoy it more. Anyway, enough setup. The website is here: Epic Geocaching - Time for me to quit talking and listen.
  22. The first giga-event outside of Europe happens in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 26, 2018! Congratulations, GeoWoodstock! GeoWoodstock 2018
  23. It is a rather massive cache with a lot of work that was all torn down by muggles. Very disappointing. The cache is also not reasonably accessible when the sun is up so late... It's really an autumn through early spring cache. I'd like to see the reviewer give it a little more time than the two weeks he put on the cache page.
  24. I actually am excited to use the new Virtuals as another way to search for awesome caching experiences when I travel or visit new areas (Note: Not the ONLY way). We may not know the algorithm, but of the people I found out received the ability to hide a Virtual, I love their caches. If this is true, I'm HOPING that if I search for COs of Virtuals hidden since 2017, I can use that to find other caches hidden by those COs, and they would be cool caches.
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