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Garmin gpsmap 64s error on zoom levels

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i have one Garmin gpsmap 64s,


when i go to Map -> Advanced map setup -> zoom levels


instead of this :




is shown this:




and when i they to change the options, my gps suddenly shuts down


to fix this i have to create a new profile, but after a while is shows again the wrong options


someone knows what is happening?

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so lets wait for the correction... :S


I had spoken to Garmin tech support about this, and they suggested that a corrupted map file could cause this. In my case, removing the "My Trails" map from gpsfiledepot.com cured this condition. I have downloaded the updated "My Trails" map but it does the same thing. I also noticed that when My Trails was enabled, it disabled the Garmin 24k Topo map and would only show the generic basemap instead. I had emailed the author of My Trails, but I have not yet seen a resolution to that. I have no such problems with other maps from gpsfiledepot, just this one. But taking My Trails off the device cured this issue of the zoom data fields getting corrupted and crashing the 64s.

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