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iPhone app - my location stays on the road

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Sure this topic has been discussed before but searches of the "knowledge books" and now these forums has not found a solution and I'm a noob. Just started my 4th week of caching which reached a new (low?) point of insanity last night when I received a 9 PM notice of new cache and headed out with flashlight for my first FTF! ;p


At any rate, when using the iPhone app, many times my location will remain pinned to the nearest roadway making near impossible to navigate to the cache. Is there some way to adjust settings , etc. to eliminate this issue?...


Thanks in advance,


Leica Birdy

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"Pin to road" is a known problem, er, "feature" with apps use iOS 6 & 7 location services. I know it's been discussed here before (by me! and others) but I can't find the link right now.


Edit to add: aha, here's a good external link to one explanation:



And another link here:


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Do you switch to compass? Or stay on maps? Do you zoom in if on maps?


Yes Pixos, I switch back and forth. Try to restart navigation. It seems in time if I get WELL off the road it may finally release but then I have to back track a couple hundred feet to the road to find GZ other times not at all though. Seems user 13371 has at least a thread where this is a known problem BUT no solutions listed. Wonder if this works differently if I try different default mapping program?!?... will have to try.


TY all.

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Bear & Ragged - I just started about 3 weeks ago and have the latest iPhone app "Geocaching Version 6.2.1" on iPhone 4s with IOS 7.1.2



Groundspeaks own paid for app. :)


Are you using another app to navigate?


I cant get mine to route by road!

That's a problem with sat-navs, they wont navigate off-road.



Think you may have it solved!


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