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Cache Submission Hang up

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I'm having the same problems as described above: I can't get out of the loop: after finishing screen #3 (Description), I'm thrown back to screen #1 (Type & Location) with the 'Saved Draft' popup.


As for the solutions already posted:

- both the country and state fields are set in my profile;

- the cache name is definitely not too long;


Tried different browsers, but no luck. So frustrating. :(




Having just tried another browser, somehow it works now, I get to screen #4.

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Vooruit!, what browser were you trying that was not working, and what then allowed you to proceed?

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I encountered a bug like this today.


I used a background image URL which had an & included (it's one from google photos).


Everything appeared to work, until the final "Save and Preview" button. Click that and I was returned WITHOUT ERROR to the same page.


It had saved all the info, but would not let me save.


I cleared the background URL box and I was able to save and preview normally.


I was also then able to edit the page and enter the same URL in the background image field without incident.


I think your error checking needs a tweak, and some error reporting would be good too - as this could have been very frustrating.


Win7x64, Chrome.

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This is the error I continually receive whilst trying to submit a cache.  i have used edge, chrome and Android.


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