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Hi there.


I like to keep updated on news from the caches I've found, so I use the "watch" feature on every one of them. Still, I would like a better notification system, one which would allow me to get notifications, for example, of Archive, Unarchive, Temporarily Disable Listing only from my found caches. This is to avoid receiving notifications for every kind of post in those caches. If understood correctly, there's no way to do this. Any chance of implementing this?



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Whether or not they implement it you can do it in GSAK. Load your My Finds query into a db and once a week or so run the api call refresh cache data (the lite version will get what you want) it will give you a list of the status changes. There aren't to many. I just did it on a two week old 5,000 cache file and only got 15 changes.

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Hi, Walts Hunting. Thank you for your reply.


Yeah, I guess a could use GSAK for that, but it wouldn't be automated nor "live". I like to follow the ups and downs of the caches I found and a simple implementation in the Notification System would probably help many people and ease the load of the server's e-mail system.

Just my 2 cents.

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With your find count of roughly 250 caches, you could refresh your database of finds in GSAK once every hour, on the hour, every day. You'd need to scale that back as your find count grew, or maybe not check in the middle of the night.


For a custom interest like this one, the API solution is attractive. I don't think most geocachers are as interested in immediate updates about each cache they've found. Once per week is enough for me, for example. Sunday evening is a good time to review my "All Finds" pocket query results, and to discover that (for example) the memorable cache by the waterfall in West Virginia got archived during the past week.

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Hi, Keystone.

You said it correctly and I'll probably do it like that from now on. Still, the "would probably help many people and ease the load of the server's e-mail system" part it's still a good point to take in consideration for the future.


Regards and thank you for your reply.

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