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Geocaching for Android 3.3.1 Release Notes

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This release includes another round of bug fixes and other adjustments:


  • Log type pop up correctly shows up.
  • The few log images that wouldn't display now show up like they're supposed to.
  • And if you guessed more bug fixes, you'd be right.

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offline lists still try to use data connection when loading.

also, when saving a cache to an offline list, it doesn't appear to save additional waypoints. you need to then open the cache in the offline list and hit refresh for it to the pull in the missing data.

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hello there i had a problem where the c/o changed the coordinates after i had saved the offline list and if the same cache is in another offline list the cache wont update i just pulls the data from the other cache list even after manually updating.


i completely deleted the lists rebooted the phone and did "find nearby caches" and it still had old coordinates bit this time manually updating the cache worked and i found the cache. this took a while to complete with minimal 3G signal


also could there be a option to update a whole list of caches so i can be sure to have the newest data before leaving home (or on the move)? kind of like the button to batch upload found offline logs


when miles from nowhere the offline list has a habit of refusing to load i just get a swirling circle. even after a reboot this continues.


above problems happen on my dads nexus 4 too mine is a samsung s2


sorry i'm not that good at writing these posts

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Maybe I found a bug: When searching for nearest geocaches, I get to the map. My position is displayed correctly.

When tapping on a cache in the east (NE/E/SE) the small popup appears. The heading indicator (small blue arrow) in that popup is consistently pointing to NW/W/SW. When doing this with geocaches located in the west of my current position, the arrow is correct.

Anyone else who discovered this?

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