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Geocoin not showing up in trackables list


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I apologize in advance if this has been answered before, but I didn't see anything when I searched the forums. I found my first geocoin recently, went to its trackable page, and logged it. I did end up having to do a "grab", as the coin was logged as being in a different cache than the one that I found it in. I also dipped it in the cache I found it in so that the proper mileage would show. My question is- shouldn't the geocoin show up on the Trackables page of my profile? If I go to the coin's page it shows that is is in my hands, and when I go to log caches I have the option of dropping off the coin, but it's still not showing on my profile. Any advice?

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Could you post the TB# from the coin's travel page so one can take a look at the coin's logs and see where the problem might be? NOT the tracking code that's on the coin (which is to remain secret except for those who have physically handled the coin) but its public reference number. I looked over your last dozen or so adequately sized caches found and the trackables in your profile and couldn't find the coin in question anywhere.

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Very interesting that the icon isn't showing up on your profile. The TB page shows that it's in your hands. You mention that you grabbed the coin from a cache, but for some reason the grab doesn't show up on the log. It does show the dip. Not sure how that happened. It's almost as if the log and initial icon was deleted. Maybe someone else has seen this before. I might trying logging a drop into a cache and then log a retrieval. This is the same as a dip essentially, but might get the icon on your page. This is a head scratcher.

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At the trackable's page there's just a note and a "took it" log. That means, even though the item is in your hand now, there is no log entry indicating that you ever discovered the icon (needs a grabbed or retrieved or discovered log). This is why there is no icon at your trackable list.

The mysterium is, why it ended up in your inventory after all without this kind of log. Maybe the glitch is that you posted a note and entered the tracking code(e.g. programming mistake) - or did you post a "grab"-log and changed it to a note? Shouldn't work either. The only way to get that "result" officially is to grab the item, delete the grab log and post the note and the took it afterwards. (a deleted discovered/grabbed/retrieved log should remove the icon - if someone logged, but in fact did not see the coin, that person shouldn't end up with the icon that way, I assume)


Anyway - my suggestion to clean everything up:


- go to your cache log here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=873f841b-67ee-4d03-ac0f-acffe55dd03e,

- click edit log (the pen) and just change the trackable TB20G8P to "drop off" and submit. The item is now in the cache. This way the cache owner doesn't get any new emails. The TB-owner will get a drop notification.

- you may delete the note (use garbage icon - it's not needed anymore)


- go to the trackable's page http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1451568

- delete the placed it-log you just created and your two previous log entries (so there's nothing left from you, but not for long).

- log the item and select "retrieve it from Tega Cay View", date it 10/29, enter a text that you found it here even it was supposed to be somewhere else (this replaces the note).


Result (if I figured it out correctly):

1) the cache page only shows your find log.

2) the trackable's only shows your retrieve log.

3) The person who took the item from the former cache to the cache where you found it, is now able to fill in the gap (by grabbing it from a current cache, drop it where he took it, retrieve it there, drop it where he left it, grab it, drop it back in the current cache - delete both grabs and the logs in/out the current cache - that's a little bit more than what you have to do...).

4) The icon shows up on your trackable page.


I hope this helps and doesn't take too long...

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