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lowrance endura safari


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We don't use this device, so here is a shot at it...


Generally, a GPSr needs a (Make specific) "communicator" program to use the "Send to GPS" function. You did not mention one, so I would guess that you aren't using one. The manual does not address using "Send to GPS" loading from a cache page -- which it seems you are trying to use.


It does describe the typical method of loading Pocket Query (GPX or LOC) files to the unit. This usually does not require a communicator program.


from the manual:

(Page 16)


To upload Geocaches:

1. Plug the mini USB cable into the Endura and your computer. It will be shown as a mass storage device on your computer.

2. Copy and paste the geocaching GPX file from its location to the GPX folder on Endura.


In that you are a Premium Member, you really ought to learn Pocket Queries, if you haven't done so. With just a little practice they are a breeze, and you can load any number of geocaches up to 1,000 per shot (five times per day).

If you are not familiar with Pocket Query (PQ), read through this tutorial: http://markwell.us/pq.htm


Side Note: The manual DOES reference that if you have an SD card installed, you will only be able to load to the card. To load to unit memory itself, you must remove the card.

If you have a (micro)SD card installed, have you checked the card for the files? This should be accessible through the Main Menu.

If you did not receive one with the unit, a full manual is available for download here: http://www.lowrance.com/Root/Lowrance-Documents/US/Endura_OM_EN_988-0160-55_A_w.pdf

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I have an Endura Safari....I don't use it for Caching but I did load some Caches on it one time but it has been awhile.... It seems like I had to change the Format from GPX to another format..

I have the directions in the Safari box at home but I won't have access to it for a few days.....I remember it being kind of a pain in the rear..

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I have an Endura Sierra which is the same as the Safari but comes bundled with maps. The Endura loads the GPX files from a Pocket Query just fine. Create and run your PQ, download and unzip it, then copy the GPX files into the \GPX folder of the Endura. Boot up the Endura and give it a minute to index the new caches and you are ready to go caching.

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