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Chasing Blue Sky Posted 17 January 2013 - 05:51 AM


In the Danish Benchmark peer review discussion, Silverquill made the following statement,


"We are sometimes just too quick with our criticism, and too slow to offer help and encourage.


I think we need to improve our instructions for new category creation, because there are obviously some gaps."


I figured I'd give you and other experienced Category Managers a chance to do just that.



I had to laugh when I read this. It's a shame that it was buried in a message about DANISH BENCHMARKS and again in NEW CATEGORY ICONS. I will have to admit that I pretty much breezed through the instructions prior to posting my category and the lack of knowledge about what makes a "good" waymark showed in the results.


I realize that there isn't a "one size fits all" for Waymarks, but maybe some sort of boiler plate could be made to assist newbie group and category hopefuls. (If such a thing exists and I missed it, please point me to it.)

Thanks, SilverQuill, for making this statement. Let's see if we can get someone to take up this challenge.

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Sometimes there is a good idea around that does not make it in peer review because of formal reasons. There are some pitfalls. A lazy write-up, incoherent and illogical posting or visiting instructions will cost some votes for sure. The instructions for category creation do not show enough that there are some basic quality expectations in the community that have to be fulfilled to succeed, regardless of the category idea. That is the situation silverquill's original post was referring to.


But when category idea itself is not at all well received, then there is no way to improve it. We always try to help, but the only help that can be given in this situation is the advice to give it up.

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