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  1. I remember a fledgling Waymarker about 10 years ago who had an idea for a category for self standing ice and water vending machines. He wrote it up, didn't put it up for comment in Forums and was thrashed by the masses when he submitted it to peer review. Even one of his officers voted against it. But I digress...
  2. So you create a challenge cache (I have no idea what that is, BTW) and then they don't fulfill the requirements because they don't understand "our" game. You are an evil man... (or woman, depending on which one of the two of you posted this)
  3. Let me add this: Do not tell me that you were geocaching.
  4. They dump their remaining fuel to lighten the load. - the key is AGGIE. Did I get it?
  5. I know this one - but will invoke my Fifth Amendment Rights as to not offend any group(s) of people. "The Texan stands up, opens the door and shouts REMEMBER THE ALAMO..."
  6. It's on IMDB, through Amazon prime. Canada also has access to an additional season of Corner Gas Animated.
  7. As if I could afford to travel to Canada.
  8. WMF7W It's only a 1,731 mile drive. Or I could fly from IAH to YQR. Is a passport required to travel to Canada?
  9. Hey Keith - When this is all over I am going take a trip to WULLERTON and see what I can find to waymark there.
  10. I've been watching Corner Gas since it first came out in the early 2000s. Now I watch reruns of reruns. Last night I binged seasons 3 and 4. It's sort of like the Ginger vs. Maryann thing - Lacy or Karen. Maybe even Wanda on a few episodes. But back to Tom's questions about curling.
  11. Hurry Hard, Tom. Hurry Hard. Or for those of us who are Corner Gas Fans.... Have A Heart!
  12. My life really hasn't changed much. I work for an "essential" business so I still go to work every day. If I did have ONE thing that I'd like to be able to do: Go on a date. I've been single for almost a year and it's not really easy when you can't go into the restaurant to eat.
  13. Are you talking about Reviewer Comments on approved waymarks? If so, who approved the waymark? If it was Wayfrog or GS Admin you will get that message. I have seen it several times. If you are talking about something else, I apologize.
  14. "How long will this map be available" "This map is a temporary resource that we will update daily, Monday – Friday, as long as necessary. It does not replace our standard world map which is always available on our website here." We will have to see where this goes. I would hate to think that every library would switch over to a pantry - both serve different needs of the people.
  15. Thanks for sharing this.
  16. Freedges are also accepted in this category. Freedges (Community Refrigerators) Freedge is a sharing mechanism aiming to reduce food waste and build a stronger community. We promote the installation of community fridges (public refrigerators) that are used to share food and ideas at the neighborhood level. GIVE Leaving for the weekend with a full fridge? … OR Too many leftovers after a dinner party? … OR Your garden is full of fruits and veggies and you don’t know what to do with all that produce? TAKE Feeling Hungry? Check the freedge… OR Planning a grocery run? Maybe the ingredient you need is there waiting for you. SHARE Get involved in your community! Freedge is a free sharing space used not only for food, but also stories, art and ideas! Freedge Locations. Argentina 4 Belgium 2 Brazil 59 Canada 11 Columbia 1 Egypt 1 France 2 India 1 Lebanon 2 Slovakia 2 US 14
  17. I'd like to thank everyone for their input and attention to this. I know that we all have a lot of other things that are more important these days. With so much uncertainty in the world, Waymarking is probably the last thing on your mind. Be safe and stay well John
  18. From Literary Hub - Dan Sheehan March 18, 2020 Big Hearted Strangers Turn Little Free Librairies Into Little Free Pantries Sign says "To help our neighbors affected by the COVID-19 crisis, this Little Free Library is converted to a Little Free Pantry. Take what you need and if you can, please donate what you can spare!"
  19. Hello All. Unfortunately, I work in the retail world, for THAT company. There is no working from home for me. Still working 40 hours a week, and I have about 100 hours of paid time off available. I'm optimistic, or should I say I'm in denial of the entire situation. John
  20. From 12/6/19 in another message thread: After going through all 524 entries in Permanent Charity Donation Locations, I see three different types of waymarks: Donation Bins Storefronts Recycling Stations The category description reads: "Permanent locations used to collect clothing, household goods, non-perishable food, and other items for charity." None of the waymarks I see have anything to do with food donations. Most of them are donations to organizations which resell the items to benefit their mission. These are not Little Free Librairies by any means. The Little Free Pantry organization has a website http://www.littlefreepantry.org Where I live, Galveston County, Texas, there are several of these locations. These are 24 hour, anonymous food banks. Used by people in need when they do not have access to the other resources . Two that I see on a frequent basis are stocked solely by community donation, with no affiliation to any business or church. If these should be considered Permanent Charity Donation Locations then Little Free Libraries should be in the same category as Libraries.
  21. You are correct, the word should be "FOLLOWING". We will have to fix that one if it goes forward. Thanks
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