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Wireless download of geocaches to GPS


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I am thinking about getting the Oregon 650t. My problem is I don't own a desktop PC. I only have an iPad and iPhone. I was wondering if it is posible to download geocaches from geocaching.com wireless or with a cable conection from my iPad or iPhone to my GPS. This app called basecamp from garmin seems useless when I open it on my iPhone. I was thinking maybe I could use the Bluetooth on the Oregon 650T to get them to my GPS. Any input?


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In theory since it is android and has wifi you Shoud be able to use the browser on it to access PQ's. no one has confirmed that.


The Oregon 650t is not Android nor does it have WIFI. You are thinking of the Monterra.


My understanding is that you load caches to Basecamp Mobile on the iPhone and then these can be sent to the Oregon via Bluetooth. Someone that has actually done it might be able to comment.

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I had high hopes when Garmin created BaseCamp Mobile and put Bluetooth LE on new models. But I haven't seen any detailed write-ups on how to do it and my own (very limited) experience with the BaseCamp doesn't inspire me to run out to buy an Oregon 6x0 just to figure it out. If one lands on my desk at work though, I might give it a try.


For now, the only way I know to transfer geocaches from an Apple iThing to any Garmin device is described in the thread Walt pointed to -- which requires you have a router with a USB port and some file management software.

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I was in REI the other day and played with one. When you go to the wireless transfer it shows the basecamp mobile in addition to send/receive. I didn't have an iOS device to check it but may bring my iPad next time. They don't make a android basecamp app and say to use the web browser version.


You're right red I was confusing it with the monterra. Will check that outwhen it comes out because of the bigger screen.

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