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Is this a benchmark?


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I literally stumbled on this while out caching.




This isn't on GC.com. I've read the FAQ, tried Waymarking.com, and didn't find PLS in the agency list for the NGS web site. I'm starting to wonder. What is this, and what should I do with it?



Could you post the picture as hosted somewhere else, cause the Microsoft Skydrive link is asking me to log in...

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Goggled PLS Surveyor and plucked this from Yahoo Answers:


"PLSS is a type of surveying system whereas PLS is professional land surveyors' title and RLS is a licensed surveyors’ title.


The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is a method used in the United States to survey and identify land parcels, particularly for titles and deeds of rural, wild or undeveloped land. Its basic units of area are the township and section. It is sometimes referred to as the rectangular survey system, although non rectangular methods such as meandering can also be used.


Licensed surveyors usually denote themselves with the letters P.S. (professional surveyor), L.S. (land surveyor), P.L.S. (professional land surveyor), R.L.S. (registered land surveyor), R.P.L.S. (Registered Professional Land Surveyor), or P.S.M. (professional surveyor and mapper) following their names, depending upon the dictates of their particular state of registration.





Looks like you stumbled on a cadastral point some where near Seattle that has the PLS number of two surveyors - however the www.geodatum.com takes you to a different screen.


Can't read all the stamping on the disk. Do you have a better photo? Also what is the Lat/Long? kayakbird

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