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(New Guy) Expressing My Frustration At The Locals...

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to the OP: YOU ARE ONE OF THE LOCALS. If you don't like the local caching scene, relocate; or lead improvement by example.


Might want to change your handle if you go to an event. You could get muggled for your comments here.

I figure he's safe. Anyone too lazy to hide a quality cache is unlikely to go through all the effort of silencing a dissenter. They might need their energy to spit out another pointless film can.

I've got a local in my area who fits the bill.

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I'm surprised people write TFTC when they mean LOFTS (logged only for the smiley)


I was thinking that TFTS (thanks for the smiley) would be a good acronym to use here. It's unfortunate, but there are too many cachers (i use that term loosely) who are only concerned with getting the easy smiley these days. I figure most of them could care less how good or sucky a cache is. :(


That is my basic cache log:


XXXX Hrs. Found, log signed. Thanks for the :) !


If the cache has some merit, I will elaborate...sometimes to excess. ;)


If the cache REALLY SUCKS, I might post a few paragraphs from Moby Dick, or some other classic novel.

Hmm. Which will you leave if you log our earthcache in Texas Canyon, I wonder? Time will tell.

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i set up my pocket queries to show me only caches larger than a micro. That has improved the quality of my caching experience tremendously. I've also started hiding the type of caches that I like to find. I set a goal for myself to hide one cache for every ten that I find.

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It's not "just because they could". It's because there are people out there that actually enjoy finding them. It may seem strange, but there are those that are physically able, but would never consider hiking five miles to find a single large cache hidden next to a waterfall because they could find, (and get credit for), 30 "cobbled together junk" caches in the same amount of time.


It's just a different aspect of the game which luckily can be avoided once you learn how.


There is some real crap out here, and they are placing them just because they can. The title has nothing to do with the cache itself, or the location, or the view.... Like I said, hope things get better around here.


Thanks again!

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