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  1. I'm getting the same issue. No ability to click and also I'm getting one map style loading and another loading on top.
  2. Hi, I'm having problems with the maps. I'll click on 'map this location', and it will begin to load, but then only a few tiles will load, the side bar won't open (it changes colour when it's moused over). I've seen some mentions of this on the Forums from a some time ago, but I was able to use the maps when these people were reporting problems. Probably just one of those passing issues.
  3. No... I might find a cache by accident, without my GPS in a cache rich area. Unless it's a nano, it needs a GC code written on it.
  4. I agree. My neighbours started caching, and they left it for a month before placing a cache. Instead of a boring micro, they placed a cleverly hidden cache- albeit micro- but still in a very clever container. Wait a period of 3 weeks or 30 finds, whatever comes first. Then the cachers cache will be interesting.
  5. Maybe that means that something should be done about it? It's called connecting the dots.
  6. I wouldn't say that's not geocaching. Cheating though - I'll take that I cache with my dad and some park-n-grabs I get out and find without him. The car's only less than 20 metres away, so that isn't cheating
  7. It's always been a problem for Kiwis and anyone near the IDL (International Date Line) that they lose themselves off the side of the map. The centre of the map is always based on 0° (Greenwich) so we, being at at 174°, et shoved off the side. We're in the same boat as Alaska and that large pointy bit of Russia that no-one lives in. This is sadly a fact of life. You can see your statistics if you hover your mouse on the very edge of the screen somewhere in the area of NZ. Just to let you in on a secret (It's ROT13 encrypted),Arj Mrnynaq vf abg npghnyyl jurer gurl fnl vg vf ba gur zncf! Vg vf ernyyl ybpngrq va n 4gu qvzrafvba fbzrjurer arne Nhfgenyvn. 200 xz sebz Arj Mrnynaq vf na vaivfvoyr tngr juvpu gnxrf lbh gb gur qvzrafvba jr'er ybpngrq va. Guvf srryf yvxr gheohyrapr.
  8. We've got a guy in my area who owns a staggering 2000 caches! And they're almost all crap!
  9. The coders twiddling their thumbs at Groundspeak could add a function for delaying logs- so only publishing them at a certain date (Say, 3-5 days). So you could log them whilst on holiday, and only get the logs showing on the site after the time period elapses.
  10. Try the NZ GPS forums- the most active Dunedin cachers reside there (in theory!!!)
  11. The best of the worst- "The cache is hidden where it is hidden."
  12. I figure he's safe. Anyone too lazy to hide a quality cache is unlikely to go through all the effort of silencing a dissenter. They might need their energy to spit out another pointless film can. I've got a local in my area who fits the bill.
  13. Sadly, there isn't a filter on crap useless piece of ... caches for the sake of them. I voiced my concern over this recently. If you want good caches, look for Regular size, or if that isn't possible, NOT micro 1.5 1.5 or easier.
  14. Bolding mine... And my question is... Why were you taking the cache to your car? I've never had any kind of accident/incident while retrieving a cache to sign the log nor have I had any need to take a cache to my car to sign the log. Something in my area... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC465R0
  15. That background brown, totally, and te green, maybe after a few too many beer. I liked the old loading screen. That green was nice. Now there is a brown murk. []
  16. What? Auckland gets everything (mutter mutter mutter) Dunedin wasn't given a coin!
  17. Hi, I'd say that you should go to the NZ GPS forums- more likely to find someone there. Or look at caches in Tauranga, and see active usernames. Then, take the steps to contact them. Sadly, I cannot help, as I live in a city further south. P.S- Have you heard of Apostrophes? They should go I'm (not im) and I'll(not ill) Not trying to be rude, but I'm a bit intolerant of incorrect grammar
  18. Yet, it took you two years to notice? Sorry, I thought that you were talking about changes that happened two years ago. What happened is that your Internet Explorer got set to compatibility mode. This disables the maps, logs and hints. He'll deal with this!
  19. Whoops. I placed a cache 20 metres from my home, and had to fix the camo 10 minutes after publishing. Met the FTFer. NOTE- Low temp glue in COMPLETE CRAP for camo
  20. I don't like the idea, as a whole, but I do like the idea of a news feed with local (50km or so radius?) caches when they have been enabled/disabled/archived/unarchived - any log that isn't a 'found it' 'didn't find it' or 'write note'. The feature may not exist in that form, but there are workarounds -notifications of new caches and watchlists for specific caches. Doesn't give the comprehensive info you want, though. An obvious associated solution would be to replace the tangled mess that is the notification option and let us have an "all cache types" option. Setting up a different notification for each individual cache type is one of the worst designs I've seen in a while. It still is not a workaround. If I want to see the activities of friends A-F, I would need to have a notification of every cache in the world, and then have to filter out the millions of notifications that don't involve friends A-F. It would work remarkably well given the idea that prompted it was "I do like the idea of a news feed with local (50km or so radius?) caches when they have been enabled/disabled/archived/unarchived - any log that isn't a 'found it' 'didn't find it' or 'write note'." I'd rather let caching friends suggest caches directly to me if they thought I'd enjoy them (as a few already do) than have an automatic feed telling me every single time they logged a find. It would appear more relevant and, you know, more personal. Cacher A talking to me (anyone remember talking to people?) or even emailing me and telling me about the caching run they did and how much they enjoyed a particular cache or a circuit would be far more useful than just getting a notification that cacher A found 17 caches today and listing every single one of them. Not quite like that- a news feed of Archivals, Enable/Disable, and Friends' logs
  21. I think- That for airports, and only airports, a type of cache, like a virtual. The way this would work would be a bit like a well-known QR game. There would be a sign (somewhere in the airport) with GC code, Cache name, and a code which you will need to enter on the site when logging. This would prevent huge security scares, and mean a stepping point for trackables. This would need approval from the people who run the airport, but that wouldn't be too hard to attain.
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