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how to locate buried markers


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Im trying to locate survey markers on a piece of vacant property in southern california rural land.

The lots have been surveyed and marked,between the 60's and 90's i am told.


Q-1 ive used a metal detector(typical relic detector) without luck.

Are there any technical devices that can locate the steel -rod corner markers ?

Q-2 How do surveyors locate them when buried?...

Q-3 Since land mark notations in the surveyors records may be missing,I would think at some point they have embedded some kind of device to alert an electronic handheld device-receiver, when they are within a certain distance of a marker.


Q-4 i suppose that would be something that only surveyors have and or the cost of one is so high that its cheaper to have it surveyed by a licensed surveyor?

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I believe you have posted a nearly identical message on SurveyorConnect. The responses there are cogent and helpful. The marks you are looking for are beyond the scope of what most of us do here.




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In the context of a 'Benchmark' (which is probably a metal disc in a concrete monument) I have had good success with a metal detector and/or a simple probe rod.

Looking for something else would be a whole 'nother animal.


If you can't find it with a metal detector:


1. You are using it (the metal detector) wrong.

2. You are looking in the wrong area.

3. It isn't there any more.

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