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Tracking code not recognised


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This has happened to me twice in recent days.


The first one I discovered and assume I wrote the tracking code down wrongly. I emailed the owner with what I had of the code but no reply...


The second one, TB46E2V, I took and is on my desk. Using A for a letter, D for a digit o for the round character that I never know if it is a aero or an Oh, its code is AoDDAA. I have tried both A0DDAA and AODDAA and neither is recognised. Does the case of the letters matter?


Any suggestions folk?


(Probably won't look for replies for 5 days...)

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You should edit your original post to remove the trackable number. Putting the tracking on line is inappropriate since someone will copy it (if they haven't already) and it will end up being discovered where it isn't which could lead to it being locked and no logs allows.

I haven't seen anything but the TBxxxxx Reference Number, and no sign of corrections. That is OKAY to show.


Have you seen something else?


He used place holder characters for his example of the structure of the tracking number... again nothing else seen. No moderator edit either.


Doug 7rxc

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