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  1. I just discovered this problem this morning. Solved a puzzle last night, the solved coordinates are shown on the website. Open the app, and it still shows at the posted coordinates. Tried clearing data, and then uninstalling the app, but it still is not working. My phone is an LG premier, LGL62VL. Android 5.1.1.
  2. I've also tried revoking the permission from the Geocaching website, to have a fresh start. That didn't work, either.
  3. I have been trying to get GSAK to link to Geocaching via the API. When I try to authorize it, I first get a window saying my access has been authorized, immediately followed by a message box with the message "The Groundspeak api has returned the error 'Not authorized'. The most common cause of this error is an expired or corrupt token. Would you like to try and fetch another token now?" If I select "yes", it just repeats the process, again ending in the same error. I have tried everything I could find on GSAK forums, and just now completely uninstalled GSAK and reinstalled it, with the same result, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with GSAK. Anyone else have this issue, that could give me some ideas?
  4. As you've seen, you already can log a TB while at a cache. If you're asking for a process for logging TBs exactly as is done on the web site, there already exists a great App for this purpose, suitable for your tablet. You can make TB logs as you ask, and even research problems with logging a specific TB. Since it only works online, logs are made in real-time. The Official App works both online and offline, so of course that App will be problematic when logging TBs. You seriously just linked to the Google chrome browser? That's not a solution for this issue. If I have to log using a browser, what's the point of the app? I just used the app for the first time yesterday, and I thought too, that was a big turn off. I'd use a different geocaching app, but for some reason the good ones aren't being maintained anymore.
  5. Puerto Rico is technically not a country. It's a territory of the US. Not that it doesn't deserve a souvenir. I just find it interesting that it's included in the country souvenirs.
  6. Was there an update today [Nov 9] that triggers emails for "visited" logs on TBs?? I got a couple of them just now? And if they persist, without ability to adjust, I'll have to update my procmail rules to /dev/null them, because I sure have no interest to receive one email per visit of geocachers who check my TBs into every cache that they find along the ET Trail... I noticed the same issue. It seems to me like the email triggers got switched. I had an email a couple days ago that one of my TBs was marked missing. No further emails on that TB until today, suddenly I get a bunch of emails of someone "visiting" a number of caches with it. I was not notified when they grabbed it.
  7. Make the event in the morning at 9:26:53.5897932.... Nice! I was at a 12/13/14 event this morning that was scheduled to go from 9:10-11:00. Haven't checked to see if I got a souvenir, but it would be nice.
  8. I have the "waypoint finder" greasemonkey script installed (for Firefox), which I have found to be very useful. I just noticed this evening that it doesn't seem to be working. Did something in the last website update mess it up? Is anybody else having problems with it?
  9. Took me a bit to get what you were talking about. I believe the discussion here has to do with cache sizes, not fruit.
  10. If it's a situation where returning at a better time is a feasible option, that's probably what I'll do. Otherwise, it just depends how badly I want to avoid suspicion whether I'll attempt it or not. If I decide not to attempt it, I'll post a note on the cache page.
  11. I like Mystery Caches, but I understand where they could be frustrating, like you say. There should be a system to automatically tell you if the coords you post for a new listing interfere with another cache or not, prior to submitting it for review. What irks me is Mystery Caches with no way of checking your solution before searching for the cache. I tried one yesterday, searched for a while in the area my coords took me to, and finally read prior logs that pointed to an entirely different type of GZ. I also realized later that the final for another puzzle was within 100' of where I had been looking, so it obviously wasn't there. If I could have used a geochecker, I could have found out before I searched.
  12. If you want to delete something you've posted (like maybe saying something you later wish you hadn't), you can edit the post, and remove the unwanted content. The post will still be there, so people will know you said something. If you want the thread closed, just post a comment saying so. A moderator will see your comment, and most likely lock the thread.
  13. I had this problem yesterday. I thought maybe it was to do with the update I had just installed. Not sure, I installed an update and transferred a GPX file from GSAK at about the same time, so it could have been either one. When I try to see details on the cache, the unit locks up with a blank screen. It also happened after entering coords for the next stage, I tried to view the coords later and it locked up. I haven't tried rebooting with the GPX file removed. I'll give that a try.
  14. Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure if it's still this way, but last time I activated a trackable, it was marked "collectible" by default. I had to turn it off. A lot of TB owners might not have ever noticed that checkbox. I wouldn't plan on keeping any TBs unless the description specifically said you could.
  15. With this release we have exposed all major time zone settings as provided by Microsoft in ASP.net. DST is now automatically tracked by time zone and does not need a separate checkbox toggle. DST is not universally tied to time zones. There are many parts of the world where a subset of a time zone may have different DST rules than the rest of the time zone. Under the new system, users in those areas will now need to completely change their time zone to an incorrect one twice a year to account for these differences rather than just ticking or unticking a much-more-logical DST box. I just had a thought. Why couldn't they just use your computer settings for the time zone/DST settings? Like you said, DST is not tied to time zone. There are several areas in the United States where DST is ignored. For example, if I'm correct, the state of Arizona ignores it, except on the Navajo reservation, where DST is observed. Does Microsoft's system take all that into account?
  16. Not the same. I already have a large amount of HTML in my profile contents, and I don't feel like trying to add more. The profile picture was in a separate location at the top right, where it would immediately be seen.
  17. +1 My avatar and my profile photo was two entirely different photos. +2 There is a big difference (at least there was) between a picture put on a profile page, to either show the cacher or something in his/her interest, and a small icon/picture beside a log or forum post to identify the poster. Some might have changed their profile picture periodically to show a recent geocaching highlight, etc. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm not one to complain as quickly as some around here, but so far I have seen nothing good about this update. Why do you spend so much time and effort to come up with changes like these, and ignore the things we as your customers have actually been asking for???!!!
  18. I didn't know that link even existed. I guess I don't care about seeing all the newest caches in Iowa, and most of the events I go to are in Minnesota. I really wouldn't care to see all the latest events in MN either. The newsletter has issues, but it does at least keep it down to within a couple hundred miles. Of course, for the benefit of those who do use that link, I'd say bring it back. It won't affect me either way.
  19. Nice! So now we can see the event 30 miles from home that somehow didn't get in the newsletter, despite several events 200 miles away that did? What I would really like to see, in regards to the newsletter, is an option to have the 10 (or 20) closest events (say in the next 2 weeks, or month) listed, regardless of date. They could still be sorted by date.
  20. I hadn't thought about the size. That would be a pretty massive download, I guess.
  21. I just downloaded the Cachesense demo. Haven't used it yet, but looking at the interface and exploring the app a little bit, I think I'll really like it. I might end up going with that over NeonGeo. If you also play the QR code game (not sure if I can name it in these forums), it will show them on the map, too. Tapping them opens up the app for that game.
  22. I was going to suggest that. That could be rather neat. I haven't seen this with multi stages like this, but I did a "flashlight required" cache (using reflectors on trees) that took me in a circle ending up about 20' from where I started. That was pretty nice.
  23. How many Geocachers, (rough estimate, and I mean validated members, of course) have you personally contacted for abuse? Just thought I'd throw in my $.02. I have personally not had a need to contact any cachers for abuse (spoiler logs, etc.), but it would be very frustrating if I did need to, and they didn't have a registered email. I have contacted cachers who have held my TBs for quite a while (or not logged them properly), and that would also be impossible with no registered email. It seems to me that GS is doing the INTRO APP users a disservice by not forcing them to validate email. If there is an issue with one of their logs, there is no way for the CO to contact them, and when the CO deletes their log, their is no way for GS to notify them.
  24. Degree translates to Grad in Swedish, German, or Danish (according to Google Translate). That could explain the G. The M could stand for Meters.
  25. That's what I was afraid of. I use the WhereYouGo app on my phone. I don't know if it has limits or not. I mainly want to at least have them on my computer so I could quickly transfer the file if I want to. If GS was continuing to develop Wherigo, this would be one option I would support.
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