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Want maps for your Etrex 10?

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Just figured out a way to get street maps into an Etrex 10. Yes, you have to remember the memory limitations of the unit, however you can upload some small maps into the unit. I've just loaded about a county and half on my unit, 1.5mb in all. I take no responsibility if you brick your unit. Back up, back up, back up. Two images, one at zoomed range showing all my local streets, the other at 5 mile range showing major highways. If live in a larger city, this probably won't work because of lack of memory.





Okay, if you can get img map under 2mb, this can be done. Probably can be done with larger files but you'll lose valuable drive space.


1) I did mention back up everything, especially your gmapbmap.img file

2) Delete the gmapbmap.img off your Etrex 10 REMEMBER STEP ONE!!!!!! SAVE THE ORIGINAL gmapbmap.img file.

3) Download or insert a map .img file that is Garmin compatible and probably under 2mb. I used Mapsource and Metro Guide NA version 8

4) Rename this map gmapbmap.img - YOU MUST DO THIS, The Etrex will only read this EXACT name.

5) Restart your unit.


Viola!!! Detailed street maps on your Etrex 10.


even more amazing, now the Etrex 10 will search out POI's like shopping, hotels, etc.



Even detailed POI's like gas stations, hotels, etc....

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Woo Hoo, it works! Just transferred about 2.6mb of map and 954 geocaches and I have 512kb of memory left! This much covers all of Tucson and some of the surrounding desert. Display is very readable. I'm getting a "memory low" warning, so I think I'll go down to 500 caches or less. This really makes the 10 a much more useable machine. Thanks again!

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I've got etrex 30 firmware running on an Etrex 20 so I share your quest for a synthetic programming discovery.

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The basemap for etrex10 doesnt have any road but only cities and boundaries. Thats why its only 600kb large. Pretty disapointed on that.

I think it was very interesting to get a global basemap only with larger roads. Does anyone know any map with less then 3mb? Is it possible to do?

Thanks for your reply

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