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Monument marker earthcache?


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I know a place where there is a brass monumental marker. It marks the highest point around and is a control reference point for aerial photography used in surveying and mapping the area. The brass monument replaced an old canvas marker (bits of the old canvas can are still visible). Can anyone tell me if I can develop an Earthcache around this monument?

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Just something based on the highest point will likely not cut it. But if you focus on the geology behind how it became the highest point, or use it as a vantage point to teach about the geology of the surrounding landscape, now you might be getting somewhere. And just because the focus is earth science doesn't mean you can't throw some history or cartography in there to give the finders context as to what they're looking at on that hilltop.

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hzoi's tips are good.

If the reason for putting an EarthCache here is that it's a high point and there's a marker there, that probably won't cut it. (In other words, shoehorning geology into a site with a high point/marker is difficult.)

If there's some cool geology, and there just happens to be a marker there too, then maybe it can go somewhere.

In general, such EarthCaches are difficult to get published.

I would recommend not focusing at all on the marker, when you visit the location, and look around to see if the geology is worthwhile.

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