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Help with Setting up an EC


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There is a really Great view from an observation platform at park near by and I would love to set up an earthcache there but, I cant think of anyway to set one up there. Any advice or help would be greatly appriciated. I have posted a picture of the area below.



Thats one of the views. It's called 5mile hill and is almost like a sand dune.



Another view, this one from the parking area


once again any ideas are appriciated!

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If this is truly a sand dune, I would suggest checking out some of the ECs near the southern end of Lake Michigan.

It looks to be in Grand Haven MI. I would check w/the State Geologic Survey or a state geological entity and see if there is anything you can find on the hill as to its formation and/or source. A local university may also be a source of information.

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The rules on springs aren't really that strict. They were just tired of seeing spring after spring after spring that only dealt with water flow and magnitude of the springs. I've gotten two published after they started tightening down on springs -- the key is to find something unique, or at least unusual, about the springs and focus the lesson around that. Do your homework, and don't be afraid to contact your local earthcache reviewer and get his or her input.

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For this hill, you'll want to find clear evidence that it's a dune. Or at least some clear evidence of the geological origin, so that you are just left to speculate.

If the focus is on it being a "high point" or a "nice view", that will most likely not work very well.

With the spring, check the guidance on springs and see if your location is appropriate. The location may have geology that would work, but it may not. We still publish them, but like hzoi pointed out, there needs to be a unique geo-angle on it.

Good luck!


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