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  1. One area for a search on ideas may be you state geological survey. Many have an educational section. As an example… http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/ You may also want to contact an EC owner w/an idea. Many of us are willing to help someone out.
  2. The CO may have been inundated w/Finds for that day, thus the delay. You don’t need conformation of your answers to log the EC so go ahead and log it as found on the date you were there. I have only deleted logs for failure to submit the answers...
  3. I’ve run into this a few times before. Initially their Teachers Educational Guide used the term Earth Science w/out mention of this restriction. Having a BS in Geology as well as a MS in Earth Science I do not necessarily agree w/GSA’s restrictive definition. They are in fact a professional group of Geologist… Being a retired government worker I have learned one thing… no matter how much you feel you are correct don’t argue with the person with the Approval Stamp… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_science As mentioned above, I find it best to check out other caches w/the same lesson.
  4. Agreed... They may want you to keep your locations close to their pathways.
  5. I’ve noticed an increase in my EC finds during times of souvenirs. I’m sure most cachers see/use souvenirs as an incentive or a challenge. I’m bit baffled by this, given the GS recent stance on Challenge Caches….
  6. Remember the breakdown of the word ASSUME… It makes an A** out of U and Me... If the answers are correct then do not assume it was arm chaired. This is the major reason I wish they would bring back the photo requirement. W/out it, I don’t think the “higher ups” are that concerned w/this issue… Remember your only concern here is your Earthcache.
  7. “I live in the Netherlands, a country that is almost totally flat. No mountains, no volcanoes, sometimes just a fault here or there, some sand swept in by rivers, but that's about it really.” NL Bokkie Perhaps this may help? Even though the Netherlands is flat so to speak, I think if you looked at how man uses the geology and geography you may be able to create something of value. Let’s take a look at windmills. Traditionally they are used to grind grain and pump water. A more modern use would be generating electricity. Look at this from the perspective of how geology [landforms] dictate mans’ use of the land [LAND USE GEOLOGY and MAN GC34N38]. You have flat open areas, prevailing winds, an attempt to reclaim surface area below sea level, and a great source of “green energy” which by the way conserves the more traditional geology forms of energy. I find the “Floating Houses of Amsterdam” a very interesting approach to overcoming the lack of land for increased habitation. Here again the engineering and the green energy concepts applied are worth noting. And of course there is the stream morphology approach, you could build a lesson on what makes a stream, a component of a stream say a meander and the associated deposits, [Rocks In A Stream GC2FXQR] or even an engineering approach that may “correct” a problem found w/a stream [saving The Banks GC3XEM2].
  8. Here’s my challenge. Let’s see if we can’t double the number of people who are at each of the EarthCache Masters levels by International EarthCache Day (Sunday 11 October) this year. You have more than 18,000 EarthCaches to choose from to start! Just a few thoughts here… The blog does present an interesting challenge, in increasing the number of geocachers entering into the Masters‘ Program. I personally think this may be a difficult challenge, first and foremost due to the restriction set by GSA/GS on certain types of EC’s, the “no more list” if you will. For many novices a waterfall may be their best introduction into creating an EC, but we all know what the outcome will be. So I can see where ones first attempt with this may be their last… Perhaps if there were some type of known “proximity range” offered for the banned types, say a certain radial distance may help others enter into the CO status. Now we in the Pittsburgh Area, attempt to create an Event for EC Day centered on an existing EC. It is our hope to demystify the concept of an EC and hopefully promote more interest. Now this may only affect visitation more so than creation. Many of us also offer assistance for those who wish to create an EC. The proximity of EC’s in any given area, also limit the number of finds unless one is willing to travel a bit. My feeling is that this should be more noticeable in the Discovery Awards Categories.
  9. Hope this helps... [source earthcaching.org] http://rock.geosociety.org/earthcache/Earthcache_SearchResult.aspx?Country=United%20States&Type=All&State=Indiana Thru GS filtered out all but virtual type caches... https://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?ll=39.46632,-87.33458#?ll=39.46632,-87.33458&z=8
  10. I usually shoot for 3, too many requirements may scare off some folks.
  11. If you're going to do something on soils, this may give you an idea or two... http://websoilsurvey.sc.egov.usda.gov/App/HomePage.htm
  12. Man Made Features such as mining operations and their remnants can be used in an EC. You may also want to look at how local geology plays into land use as well. These may help: RECYCLING GEOLOGY GC34N3V LAND USE GEOLOGY and MAN GC34N38 And yes both ECs use the same information signs but for completely different lessons...
  13. Using the concept of Earth Science, the interactions of various disciplines... Now you may be able to work in the wetlands by illustrating the geological influences that create these environments. Perhaps the glacial features in the area may create Topography, Drainage and Soils conducive of wetlands? Perhaps identifying different soil types may help illustrate the various types of wetlands in your area? Remember wetlands have distinct vegetation which usually relates to the soil characteristics. Is there a state or geological society publication on the area that may help?
  14. I've done the same w/my Michelin Man TB. It's never left my hands...
  15. No... If you go to the trackable's page it should show it as having visited the cache.
  16. I've done it several times. When you log the cache your trackable list inventory should be below the text box. On the far right of each trackable is a drop down box, hit visited. I usually enter a picture as well.
  17. That's what I was thinking... I was just looking for some validation. Getting a little tired of chasing folks [mostly newbies] down for the answers and disappointed when there is no contact email on their page. Many Thanks...
  18. Back to my original question... Is anyone seeing this occur w/ECs that are listed as Premium Member Caches?
  19. I guess every game will have its cheaters… I noticed the philosophy of ”everybody plays by their own rules” more and more. My question is... does this problem occur less if the cache is posted for premium members only? Given the few occurrences of chasing someone down for the answers, all of my future efforts may be in this direction.
  20. In a situation such as this I will accept their answers and supply a correct answer w/an explanation. Hey, I never got 100% on ALL of the tests I had taken...
  21. Personally I don't worry about FTF's on an Earthcache, since there is no log to sign and therefore can't be validated.
  22. After further review, in PA the term "practice" implies activity for a fee. I think I would let the licensed professionals handle this and not run the risk of infringing on their turf..
  23. I have sent this link to someone I used to work with who is now w/the PA Topographic and Geologic Survey just to get another opinion. I’ll let you know what I hear...
  24. Im not sure just what to make of this approach? Please keep in mind I retired from a job dealing w/environmental science and compliance. On one hand I can see an excellent opportunity for college undergraduate students as possible internships. So with some organization w/the universities this could be accomplished. On the other hand someone may be creating a situation similar the proverbial jamming a stick into a hornets nest. Many states in the US have a geological licensing requirements. It is unlawful to practice geology w/out a license. It would not take much of an imagination to perceive this as a conflict w/someone practicing geology w/out a license. And Im sure the RPGs [Registered Professional Geologists] may take offence to this idea. As for the use of GIS, I know there were discussions over a decade ago, which concerned the licensing of GIS Professionals. So this too may also be a potential issue w/the states and professionals. There may also be Quality Control issues as well. Perhaps these issued should be ironed out prior to implementation?
  25. I'm curious to know what the connection would be and how one could validate the connection? Hey... it might be worth shot.
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