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When is a cache posted to Mobile app?


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When should i expect it to show there?

Immediately. If you search for caches in the area of that cache, it should show up in the results.

What's the GC code? Some of us can look at it to see if we can see it or if we can see something about it that might explain why you can't see it.

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I got the e mail notification at about 12:30 afternoon looked at it on my computer and was at the cache by 1 :30.

It is now 11:00 at night and that cache is still not on the mobile app on my phone.

If you have a mobile app look for GC488VK.


In the past as soon as an e mail comes in the cache would be on both the computer and the mobile app.

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This might sound like a stupid suggestion...


Whatever page or search you're in.....close that, go back to the main page and re-do your search.


You need to refresh it (so to speak).


I have even done a Hard Shutdown of the phone. Not only is the cache not on my phone when I search for it on the phone by the number GC488VK it comes back No Cache.


If you do see On the road to Buckingham on Laurel Ave do you see another one closer to route 27/130. There was another cache there last year that I found and now that cache does not show at all on the phone or my computer.

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I just gave it a try, and I don't see it either.

It shows up on the website (it's the traditional near the center, just south of the puzzle):



...but it doesn't show up when I do a search for that area in the iPhone app, version 5.1.1:



There does indeed appear to be a problem with the site/database/API which is causing a delay. Out of curiosity, I just checked a few recently-published caches near me. One that was published last night is showing up in the app, but two that were just published 20 minutes ago are not.

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Thanks to The A Team


Repeatability, and your results show this, is the proof for a scientific experiment.


The cache still is not showing on my I Phone at 9:30 today.


In the past published caches have shown up on both the computer and the I Phone as soon as published.


How do I get this through to the Mother Ship that there is a problem?

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It seams I thank Groundspeak to soon for correcting this problem. Of the 11 caches published for the D&R Canal today in New Jersey only 9 were available on my I Phone while I was in the field at 12 noon. If I searched for the missing 2 by name, off another cachers GPS, they would come up as a result of the search and then appear on the map if I searched on the map.

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