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Audio Information Machines

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Hi fellow Waymarkers,


I remember that I've seen some machines that inform you about interesting things at touristic hotspots. Some have up to 10 differnet languages available. You have to pay about 0,50 Cent for getting the info.




I know that we have them in Germany, Austria and in the Czech Republic.


I have talked about these things with Tante.Hossi, he tought about these things, too.


Are they spread over the whole world?


In know that we have the "Self Guided Walks and Trails" category. There are listed two of these machines, but they have nothing to do with a 'walk and trail'.


Here are some examples:






Vienna, St. Stephan "Phonomat"










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I have never seen one in the US, Mexico, or Canada -- so maybe it is not global? I don't know enough about these yet to say one way or another.


Could these be waymarked in Tourist Information Locations?

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I have seen one at the entrance to a cave system, others in museums which charged entrance fees. None out in the open.

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