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Geocaching.com site update March 19th 2013

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Read the last update's Release Notes


Release Notes


Updated ad info

If you've ever wanted to advertise with Geocaching, now you can check out updated information about reach, targeting and banner ads on our revised Advertising with Geocaching page. We also now support 160x600 ads across most of the site.


All sorts of bug fixes:

  • Fixed broken store link on the CITO page
  • Fixed 500 error when downloading the Intro to Geocaching PowerPoint in Portuguese
  • Fixed broken MapQuest aerial imagery on the map page (hotfixed earlier in the week)
  • Various performance enhancements
  • Corrected geocoding issue causing failure of location searches in iPhone

Text changes:

  • Added proximity to major roads to the list of potentially problematic cache locations in the Guidelines
  • Removed commercial geocache exceptions from the Guidelines
  • Updated CITO dates

Edited by Moun10Bike
Edited bullet point on changes to Guidelines concerning proximity to major roads in order to more accurately reflect the nature of the changes
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This was removed:


On rare occasions, Groundspeak partners with an organization to publish a sponsored cache, or series of sponsored caches. Official Geocaching.com GeoTours are examples of approved sponsored cache series. These partnerships occur solely at Groundspeak's invitation and/or discretion.


No more GeoTours? No more partnerships?

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Removed commercial geocache exceptions from the Guidelines


I was wondering if this part of the update can be elaborated upon a bit? Just wondering what scenarios this change is intended to address?




Because we indicated that Groundspeak makes rare exceptions for commercial caches, we would frequently get requests for exceptions from those who had their cache rejected due to commercial nature. We felt it best to remove this language to avoid giving false hopes for a reviewer's decision being overturned in these scenarios.

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Geotours will move forward. Don't worry. It is more that your local burger shop is not going to get an exception. So Please do not ask for one. I think a lot of people ask for exceptions.


I always took the guidelines to mean that "I" couldn't get an exception for the local burger shop, but if a national chain were to officially partner with Groundspeak, they might. Perhaps too many local burger shops were hitting up Groundspeak for their own special cache?


I just think that removing the language that explains why their might be some commercial caches is going to lead to some confusion. No biggie. It's not my problem to deal with.

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